Friday's trivia test focuses on Sunday's Clash of the Titans

          PLAYMAKER QUIZ | Liverpool - Man City

          2019/11/08 11:00
          By Daniel Oliveira

          With Manchester City and Liverpool again looking leagues ahead of the competition in the English top flight, Sunday's clash of the Premier League superpowers could prove season-defining - the question is: how's your trivia when it comes to the two sides?

          It's Friday! Time to loosen the collar of the working week, and buckle up for another Playmaker Quiz.

          This weekend is a veritable football feast: there's Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund and Leicester v Arsenal on Saturday, followed by Juventus v AC Milan and the Midlands derby between Wolves and Aston Villa the next day. Undoubtedly the headline event, though is the encounter between Jurgen Klopp's Reds and Pep Guardiola's City at 16:30 on Sunday though.

          Before you pop down the shops for a crate of beer and a wheelbarrow of dry-roasted peanuts, you need to focus on the task in hand: Step One of your pre-match routine - our weekly mindbender of a quiz. 

          Liverpool enter Sunday's match having only dropped only two points all season (v Manchester United at Old Trafford), but the Citizens are lurking ominously six points behind knowing that they overturned a seven point gap to win the title last season. Leeeeet's get ready to RUMBLE! 

          Anyway, the quiz. There are 14 players that have worn both the red of Liverpool and the sky blue of Man City in the Premier League era. Can you name them all?

          Good Luck...and enjoy the game! 


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