Friday's quiz is dedicated to teams' last man standing

          PLAYMAKER QUIZ | Top flight's top stoppers

          2019/11/29 10:37
          By Daniel Oliveira

          Playmaker's regular Friday quiz turns its attention to football's last line of defence: the goalkeeper.

          Universally acknowledged to be a little funny in the head, goalkeepers have a pretty hard time of it - destined, as they are, to concede goals no matter how many saves they make. Mistakes equal goals more often than not, and they've also got to stick their heads in among the muck and the studs on a fairly regular basis.

          It's a tough lot...but any great team worth its salt has a great goalkeeper, and the aura of a top stopper injects a unique brand of confidence into a backline.

          Liverpool's Alisson Becker is a good example of the transformative wonders a good keeper can work. He may have cost a hefty £56.25m, but the improvement in Liverpool's defence since the Brazilian's arrival has been immeasurable. As Alisson shows, a top goalkeeper is a priceless asset. 

          On to the trivia! This week's mindbender requires you to ascertain the 10 goalkeepers to record most clean sheets in the Premier League era. Good luck! 

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