Which EFL player has squandered the most 'Big Chances' in 19/20?

          STATS | Missing sitters?

          2020/02/05 09:51
          By Sam Bevan

          Clear-cut chances are hard to come seeing them go begging is seriously depressing (unless you're on the opposing side!).

          Luck, smart goalkeeping, bad technique, poor concentration...many factors can be at work when great opportunities get passed up, but the bottom line is that teams and players don't want to be missing sitters on a regular basis.  

          In this article, Playmaker looks at the EFL players to miss most 'Big Chances' this season.

          As you'll see from many of the names that feature, some of the best finishers in the business are those who give themselves the opportunity to miss! 

          Before we get cracking, let's quickly clarify what we consider to be a 'Big Chance' in this slideshow: 

          A 'Big Chance' is defined as an opportunity where a player is expected to score from a close range or one on one opportunity. Other factors are also looked at when judging the chance, such as:

          • How clear the path to goal is
          • Pressure on the player (from other players' positioning)
          • Position

          Without further ado, let's get cracking (these stats were collected from FotMob; sourced from OPTA)...

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