Former Leeds owner makes bold coronavirus statements

          Brescia boss Cellino calls for season’s end, ‘this is the plague’

          2020/03/22 22:11
          By Connor Andrews

          Ex-Leeds and current Brescia owner Massimo Cellino today called for the cancellation of the Serie A season due to coronavirus stating, “this is the plague.”

          The controversial club president is currently in control of Italian side Brescia, who are in the midst of their first season back in top flight, but the Northern side are based just outside Lombardy - one of the world’s cities most affected by the COVID-19 virus.

          Cellino said: “You don’t have to think about when to start again, but if you survive, everything has to be moved to the next season. It is time for realism, gentlemen. This is the plague.

          “You can no longer play this year. Think about the next one. Some people still do not realise what is happening, and those people are worse than the virus. I don’t believe in miracles, I stopped doing it long ago. We reset.”

          Due to his controversial career, particularly his stewardship of Leeds United, some have called Cellino’s statement opportunism as his Brescia side sit bottom in Serie A, but the horrifying numbers back up his views.

          Of the Serie A title, Celino said, “Anyone who wants this cursed Scudetto, take it. It is closed. Finished. And I am not saying this because Brescia is last, we are last because we deserve it.”

          Italy now have the highest number of coronavirus related deaths with 5,500 and although totals eased slightly today, it’s looking like a long time before any football is played again.

          ©Getty / Pier Marco Tacca

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