What can we learn from early season shot conversion?

          The best & worst conversion rates in England

          2020/10/13 17:00
          By Connor Andrews

          Football’s ebb away from possession football has been continuing at a steady pace, and the early signs this season are that things are accelerating more than ever.

          We’ve seen Leeds and Leicester both soak up pressure from Manchester City before launching a string of high quality chances against Pep Guardiola’s side, and everyone was left gobsmacked as Aston Villa completely demolished Liverpool, with the Champions’ 70% possession a mere sidenote.

          Having those chances, and being able to finish them, is a pretty good sign of how things might go this season, and while those at the top and bottom ends will no doubt return to more of an average, having such solid finishers this early on can only be a good thing.

          So click on as Playmaker guides you through the five best, and five worst, shots on target conversion rates in England’s top four tiers…

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