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        U17 World Cup 2019

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        Top Scorer

        41Ecuador selecionar jogador Pedro Vite [Ecuador]41003471000014
        41Nigeria selecionar jogador Oluwatimilehin Adeniyi [Nigeria]41003601000011
        41Nigeria selecionar jogador Usman Ibrahim [Nigeria]41003601000011
        41Chile selecionar jogador Luis Rojas [Chile]41003601000014
        41Ecuador selecionar jogador Erick Pluas [Ecuador]41003601000014
        41Paraguay selecionar jogador Fabio Barrios [Paraguay]4100360100008
        41South Korea selecionar jogador Paik Sang-hoon [South Korea]51003941000017
        41Italy selecionar jogador Franco Tongya [Italy]51003951000011
        41South Korea selecionar jogador Hong Sung-wook [South Korea]51003961000017
        41Italy selecionar jogador Lorenzo Pirola [Italy]51004501000011
        41Mexico selecionar jogador Bryan González [Mexico]7100468100007
        41France selecionar jogador Lucien Agoume [France]6110494100005
        41Mexico selecionar jogador Santiago Muñoz [Mexico]6100531100007
        41Netherlands selecionar jogador Ki-Jana Hoever [Netherlands]6100540100007
        41France selecionar jogador Adil Aouchiche [France]7100547100005
        41Mexico selecionar jogador Eugenio Pizzuto [Mexico]6100559100007
        41Netherlands selecionar jogador Naci Ünuvar [Netherlands]7100570100007
        41Netherlands selecionar jogador Youri Regeer [Netherlands]7100581100007
        41Brazil selecionar jogador Patryck [Brazil]7100619100005
        41France selecionar jogador Nianzou Kouassi [France]7100630100005
        [MPD=Matches Played, G=Goals Scored, PEN=Penalties scored, OG=Own Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, GST=, GSUB=Goals as sub, GPTS=Goals that guaranteed a point, MW=Matchwinners, CBK=Equalising goals, PGE=Percentage of team goals]
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        The goals per game average only considers players who have played:: 5 Matches Played