Most Goals Scored

          1Spain selecionar equipa Spain82014636321713
          2Yugoslavia selecionar equipa Yugoslavia81611545221401
          3Denmark selecionar equipa Denmark61511436101322
          3Belgium selecionar equipa Belgium8157848011402
          5Germany selecionar equipa Germany6138542101212
          5Czechoslovakia selecionar equipa Czechoslovakia8139455101302
          7Turkey selecionar equipa Turkey8127560001021
          7Scotland selecionar equipa Scotland8126660001200
          9Soviet Union selecionar equipa Soviet Union8118365001101
          9Portugal selecionar equipa Portugal8115665101011
          11Romania selecionar equipa Romania6107354101001
          11England selecionar equipa England610825400912
          11Rep. of Ireland selecionar equipa Rep. of Ireland810827211901
          11Switzerland selecionar equipa Switzerland810557220821
          11France selecionar equipa France810647221811
          11Norway selecionar equipa Norway8106472001001
          17Sweden selecionar equipa Sweden69546010630
          17Austria selecionar equipa Austria89818010901
          17East Germany selecionar equipa East Germany89548000901
          20Netherlands selecionar equipa Netherlands68536810711
          [M=Minutes, G=Goals Scored, HG=Home Goals, AG=Away Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, PG=, OG=Own Goals, GSP=, GS=Goals Conceded, W3=Wins by more than 3 goals.]

          [Stats calculated from: Group Stage]
          [Last updated: 2021-07-09 at 05:38]