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        World Cup 1990


        Most Goals Scored

        1Germany selecionar equipa Germany7150042201412
        2Czechoslovakia selecionar equipa Czechoslovakia510004520912
        2Italy selecionar equipa Italy710006310820
        4Yugoslavia selecionar equipa Yugoslavia58005600711
        4England selecionar equipa England78007920710
        6Cameroon selecionar equipa Cameroon57006410250
        7Spain selecionar equipa Spain46006010600
        7Belgium selecionar equipa Belgium46006000600
        9Argentina selecionar equipa Argentina750012600500
        10Soviet Union selecionar equipa Soviet Union34006800311
        10Colombia selecionar equipa Colombia44009000310
        10Brazil selecionar equipa Brazil44009000310
        10Costa Rica selecionar equipa Costa Rica44009000310
        10Romania selecionar equipa Romania44009010310
        15Sweden selecionar equipa Sweden33009000210
        15Netherlands selecionar equipa Netherlands430012010210
        17United States of America selecionar equipa United States of America320013500200
        17Austria selecionar equipa Austria320013500200
        17Scotland selecionar equipa Scotland320013510200
        17Arab Emirates selecionar equipa Arab Emirates320013500200
        [MPD=Matches Played, G=Goals Scored, HG=Home Goals, AG=Away Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, PEN=Penalties scored, OG=Own Goals, GS11=Goals as starting player, GSUB=Goals as sub, W3=Wins by more than 3 goals.]
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