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        UEFA European Under-17 Championship 2019


        Top Scorer

        1France selecionar jogador Adil Aouchiche [France]5910418110064
        2Italy selecionar jogador Sebastiano Esposito [Italy]64201203100029
        3Italy selecionar jogador Lorenzo Colombo [Italy]3310411200021
        3England selecionar jogador Sam Greenwood [England]3320753000050
        3Belgium selecionar jogador Thibo Baeten [Belgium]5300772110050
        3Belgium selecionar jogador Chris Kalulika [Belgium]43001113000050
        3Hungary selecionar jogador András Németh [Hungary]53101412102138
        3Netherlands selecionar jogador Sontje Hansen [Netherlands]63001473000020
        3Netherlands selecionar jogador Brian Brobbey [Netherlands]53101483000020
        10Russian Federation selecionar jogador Ilya Golyatov [Russian Federation]3200460200040
        10Netherlands selecionar jogador Naci Ünuvar [Netherlands]5200891100013
        10Czech Rep. selecionar jogador Václav Sejk [Czech Rep.]32001041100040
        10Iceland selecionar jogador Mikael Ellertsson [Iceland]32001142000033
        10Sweden selecionar jogador Anthony Elanga [Sweden]32001352000067
        10Spain selecionar jogador Jordi Escobar [Spain]52001452000033
        10France selecionar jogador Enzo Millot [France]52001622000014
        10Netherlands selecionar jogador Naoufal Bannis [Netherlands]62002122000013
        10Netherlands selecionar jogador Ian Maatsen [Netherlands]52002222000013
        19England selecionar jogador Teddy Jenks [England]2100270100017
        19Hungary selecionar jogador Rajmund Molnár [Hungary]3100981000013
        [MPD=Matches Played, G=Goals Scored, PEN=Penalties scored, OG=Own Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, GST=, GSUB=Goals as sub, GPTS=Goals that guaranteed a point, MW=Matchwinners, CBK=Equalising goals, PGE=Percentage of team goals]
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        The goals per game average only considers players who have played:: 5 Matches Played