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          Gold Cup 2021


          Most goals as a substitute

          1United States of America selecionar jogador Gyasi Zardes [United States of America]62001810201018
          2Canada selecionar jogador Theo Corbeanu [Canada]310039010009
          2El Salvador selecionar jogador Walmer Martínez [El Salvador]4100420100017
          2Grenada selecionar jogador Romar Frank [Grenada]31006601000100
          2Suriname selecionar jogador Nigel Hasselbaink [Suriname]3100780101033
          2Honduras selecionar jogador Romell Quioto [Honduras]3300412101143
          2United States of America selecionar jogador Nicholas Gioacchini [United States of America]5100142010009
          2Jamaica selecionar jogador Junior Flemmings [Jamaica]41002120101125
          2El Salvador selecionar jogador Alex Roldán [El Salvador]41002260100017
          2Martinique selecionar jogador Kévin Fortuné [Martinique]31002330100033
          2Honduras selecionar jogador Johnny Leverón [Honduras]41002360100014
          2El Salvador selecionar jogador Joaquín Rivas [El Salvador]4300912100050
          2Canada selecionar jogador Junior Hoilett [Canada]52101621100018
          [MPD=Matches Played, G=Goals Scored, PEN=Penalties scored, OG=Own Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, GST=, GSUB=Goals as sub, GPTS=Goals that guaranteed a point, MW=Matchwinners, CBK=Equalising goals, PGE=Percentage of team goals]

          [Stats calculated from: Group Stage]
          [Last updated: 2022-06-07 at 15:29]
          The goals per game average only considers players who have played:: 5 Matches Played