Can you decipher this gaggle of players who rose to the big occasion?

          PLAYMAKER QUIZ | FA Cup heroes

          2020/05/22 10:00
          By Daniel Oliveira

          In a parallel universe uninfected by the coronavirus, a magical date would beckon on the football calendar: FA Cup Final day...

          Unfortunately for the football public, and the wider world in general, this year's events have scuppered the norm and it remains to be seen what will become of this season's edition of arguably the most famous cup competition on the planet.

          Over the past decade, the big guns have normally swaggered into town and won the day, Wigan a notable exception in 2013 when they plundered a sensational win against Manchester City. However, there have been some very memorable moments and some cracking goals, which are the focus of today's quiz.

          Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to remember every goalscorer over the past 10 FA Cup finals. It's pretty tough actually! Best of luck...


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