Australia & NZ will host women's showpiece finals

          England and NI to meet in World Cup 2023 qualifying

          2021/04/30 16:14
          Stephen Gillett

          England and Northern Ireland will clash in Group D of European qualifying for the 2023 Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

          Scotland are set to face Spain and Ukraine in Group B, while Wales will take on previous host's France in Group I.

          Northern Ireland and England are to take on Austria, North Macedonia, Latvia and Luxembourg, as well as each other.

          The Republic of Ireland have been sorted into Group A  where they will face Sweden.

          The qualification stages are scheduled to take place between September 2021 and September 2022 with the finals - which will involve 32 teams - taking place between July and August 2023. 

          Nations that win their group will progress directly to the finals with the runners-ups in the nine groups taking part in play-offs in October 2022.

          The full draw

          Group A: Sweden, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Georgia

          Group B: Spain, Scotland, Ukraine, Hungary, Faroe Islands

          Group C: Netherlands, Iceland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Cyprus

          Group D: England, Austria, Northern Ireland, North Macedonia, Latvia, Luxembourg

          Group E: Denmark, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Malta, Montenegro

          Group F: Norway, Belgium, Poland, Albania, Kosovo, Armenia

          Group G: Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Moldova, Lithuania

          Group H: Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria

          Group I: France, Wales, Slovenia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Estonia


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