Austrian takes Sergio Ramos' number 4 shirt

          Real Madrid reveal Galactico David Alaba signing

          2021/07/21 15:48
          Connor Andrews

          David Alaba has officially been unveiled as a Real Madrid player today, saying that he turned down alternative offers due to Madrid being the world’s “biggest club”.

          Austria’s captain signed on a free transfer from Bayern Munich in May, and has been seen as a replacement for the departing Sergio Ramos, even taking his famed number four shirt.

          Alaba was quick to quash comparisons though, saying: "I spoke with the club about the number and they offered me four. I think there wasn't any other available. I know what the number means, it is an honour to wear it.

          "I did not come to Real Madrid to compare myself with others, I came here to be David Alaba. I want to be myself and contribute my abilities and strength.

          "Ramos has been here a decade with this number, he became a leader, we all know that. I was told that this is the only number available. I didn't want to ask other players for their number. I am honoured to wear this."

          The versatile left back turned centre back also commented on the opportunity to link back up with former colleagues Carlo Ancelotti and Toni Kroos, whilst being happy to play anywhere for his new manager.

          I have spoken with Kroos and I'm certainly glad to see him again,” Alaba said. “The history of this club and the success in recent decades is something that Toni always talked about and is there. This is the biggest club in the world.

          "Of course I was sad that Zidane left the club, but I was glad that Ancelotti was the one who came. I know him from Bayern, we have a good relationship and it's a pleasure to work with him again.

          "It's not a secret that I can play in many positions. The position I will be playing is going to depend on the coach and I trust him."

          David Alaba
          NameDavid Olatukunbo Alaba
          Born1992-06-24(29 -yrs-old)
          Dual Nationality
          PositionDefender (Left Back) / Defender (Centre Back)


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