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        A look at how the WSL clubs have done...

        Women's Transfer Window Round-up

        2023/09/16 21:17

        The women’s transfer window closed on Thursday with announcements for new arrivals still being made on Friday.

        From Alessia Russo to Zhang Linyan, Playmaker is here to give you a low down on how each club has performed during the summer window and how it sets them up for the 2023/24 season.

        So, let’s get started immediately with Arsenal, can they knock Chelsea off their throne after some big arrivals?

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        2023-09-16 22h13m by eedwards
        Excited to see what Arsenal can do this season with their new arrivals, hopefully they can take the title from Chelsea!
        2023-09-16 21h54m by nlawson12
        I'm so excited for the new season! Arsenal have done some great business in the transfer window and I'm sure they'll be challenging for the title this season!
        2023-09-16 21h32m by mfosterfield
        Excited to see what this season has in store for Arsenal! Can't wait to see how the new signings work out.


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