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        Back-to-back wins and out for veteran boss

        Warnock to leave Huddersfield this week

        2023/09/18 14:41

        Huddersfield Town have announced that their match against Stoke City in the Championship on Wednesday evening will be Neil Warnock’s final game in charge of The Terriers.

        The CEO of the club, Jake Edwards, has said that the club are ‘ready to make a longer-term managerial appointment’. This follows suggestions that Warnock’s decision was not entirely his own and that can also be shown by the fact Warnock has said ‘Jake and I always said that when the time came he was going to be straight up with me about it’.

        The 74 year-old former Sheffield United manager came out of retirement, once again, to lead the Yorkshire club to safety in February and then decided to stay on over the summer, signing a one-year deal.

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        Huddersfield began the 2023/24 Championship season by collecting just one point from their opening four matches against Plymouth, Leicester, Middlesbrough and Norwich. They were also beaten by ‘Boro in the first round of the EFL Cup.

        However, their 2-0 win at home to Rotherham at the weekend made it back-to-back victories either side of the international break, following a last gasp 2-1 win at The Hawthorns against West Brom a couple of weeks ago.

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        2023-09-18 16h44m by eedwards
        Sad to see Warnock go but can't help but feel a shake up was needed. Here's hoping the new appointment can bring the team back to winning ways.
        2023-09-18 16h25m by edavidson
        Disappointed with the performances, the owners and management of the club have decided to make a change with an ‘eye on the future’.

        Disillusioned with the news that Warnock has to step down after his efforts to keep Huddersfield in the Championship. Can only hope that the new manager works out better for the team in the long run.
        2023-09-18 16h11m by awalkerson7
        Not the start the club and Warnock would have wanted. Good luck to the next manager!
        2023-09-18 15h35m by mfosterfield
        So, it appears the decision to part with Warnock has been made by both parties.

        Sad to see Neil Warnock leave Huddersfield Town. He did a great job in keeping them in the Championship last season and even though things haven't been going well this season it's hard to deny the impact he has had on the club.
        2023-09-18 15h10m by nlawson12
        Big thanks to Neil Warnock for his service to the club, we wish him the best in his retirement.


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