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        Jordan 1-3 Qatar

        Afif scores hat-trick of penalties as Qatar win Asian Cup

        2024/02/10 17:53

        Akram Afif netted a hat-trick of penalties, leading Qatar to a 3-1 victory over Jordan in the Asian Cup final at Lusail Stadium, securing their second consecutive continental title.

        Qatar took an early lead when Afif earned a penalty in the 20th minute, converting it by placing the ball into the bottom corner.

        Jordan managed to level the score in the second half when Al-Naimat, with an exquisite first touch, controlled a cross and skillfully evaded his marker, scoring his fourth tournament goal with an uncontested shot.

        However, just six minutes later Qatar earned another penalty after a VAR check revealed a foul by Mahmoud Al-Mardi and Afif capitalised on the opportunity, securing his second goal from the spot.

        In the final stretch, despite Jordan's efforts to equalise, Qatar won a third penalty in stoppage time when Afif was brought down by goalkeeper Yazid Abu Layla while through on goal. Afif maintained his composure and converted his third penalty to seal the victory, prompting jubilation among the home fans in the stadium.

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        2024-02-10 19h35m by jreedmanbrst
        Wow, what a game! Afif was unstoppable with his hat-trick of penalties. Proud to be a fan of the winning team, congrats Qatar!
        2024-02-10 19h26m by banderson1976
        The forward calmly converted it, securing his hat-trick and sealing Qatar&
        2024-02-10 19h18m by nlawson12
        Wow, what a game! Afif was on fire today with his hat-trick of penalties, securing our second consecutive continental title! Talk about clutch performance under pressure. Proud to be a part of this team.
        2024-02-10 18h40m by eedwards
        As a fan, I can't deny it, Afif has been on fire with those penalties! Qatar showing their dominance in the
        2024-02-10 18h20m by ocollinsworth
        Wow, what a game! Congrats to Afif on his hat-trick of penalties and leading Qatar to their second consecutive Asian Cup title. Tough luck for Jordan, but a well-deserved win for Qatar.
        classic matches
        U Saturday, 10 February 2024 - 15:00
        Lusail Iconic Stadium
        Ma Ning
        Yazan Al-Naimat 67'
        Akram Afif 22' (pen.) 73' (pen.) 90' (pen.)
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