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CR7's side knocked out of Saudi Super Cup

Al-Nassr boss defends Ronaldo after red card

2024/04/09 10:37

Cristiano Ronaldo has been defended after his red card for Al-Nassr against Al-Hilal on Monday night. 

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus star was dismissed for elbowing opponent Ali Al-Bulaihi and the Portuguese forward subsequently raised his fist at the referee. 

Already cautioned in the game for protesting against the officials' decisions, Ronaldo received his marching orders for violent conduct, but his Al-Nassr manager Luis Castro claims Al-Hilal defender Al-Bulaihi playacted to get the Portugal international sent off. 

Speaking post-match, Castro said: "The decision was incorrect. The Al Hilal defender pretended that he was hit in the face, and it was a play on his part, and the contact was small, and they took advantage of Ronaldo’s provocation. The VAR referee was supposed to call the main referee, and this is my personal opinion."

Ronaldo's meltdown was perhaps unsurprising given Al-Hilal's record against Al-Nassr this season - CR7's side losing twice in the Saudi Pro League prior to their latest defeat in the Saudi Super Cup. Al-Nassr have managed to beat Jorge Jesus' side once this season: in the final of the Arab Club Champions Cup, a game in which Ronaldo scored a brace.


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2024-04-09 12h44m by ocollinsworth
As a football fan, I think it's ridiculous that Ronaldo got a red card for such a minor incident. It's obvious that the Al-Hilal player was playacting and trying to get Ronaldo sent off. VAR should have been used to review the situation and the decision should have been overturned.
2024-04-09 12h17m by edavidson
As a football fan, I am disappointed with the lack of fairness shown towards Cristiano Ronaldo in his recent red card for Al-Nassr. It's clear that the opposing player overreacted and that there was minimal contact made. This decision is a prime example of the disillusionment and bias present in football today.
2024-04-09 11h43m by lhalliday_bart
As a Manchester United fan, I can&
2024-04-09 11h18m by mfosterfield
As a Chelsea fan, I have to say that this was a clear case of poor sportsmanship from Al-Hilal's player. It's disappointing to see opponents using cheap tactics to get an advantage over our players, and it's even more frustrating when the referees fall for it. Ronaldo's red card was unjustified and it's a shame that his opponent had to resort to playacting to get him sent off. Poor display from Al-Hilal, they should be ashamed of themselves for
2024-04-09 10h59m by a_12_shawcross
As a Manchester United fan, I am disappointed to see Ronaldo receive a red card in this match. However, I do understand that emotions can run high in such a competitive game. I do not believe that Ronaldo intentionally elbowed his opponent and I feel that the decision was incorrect. It is unfortunate that the opposing team took advantage of this situation and I hope that the VAR referees will make better decisions in the future.
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