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        The contracts expire on June 30

        Arsenal confirm departure of 22(!) players

        2024/06/03 10:45

        Arsenal have announced that 22 players from the men's and women's first teams, as well as the academy, will be released when their contracts expire on June 30.

        Amongst the high-profile departures are Mohamed Elneny, Cédric Soares, and Viv Miedema, all of whom have recently bid farewell.

        Highly-rated goalkeeper Arthur Okonkwo, who has been on loan at Wrexham last season, will also be leaving.

        Additionally, three other players – Amario Cozier-Duberry, Karl Hein, and Reuell Walters – are out of contract on June 30 but are still in talks with the club regarding new deals.

        Departures on 30 June 2024

        First Team: Arthur Okonkwo, Mohamed Elneny, Cedric Soares

        Academy: Mauro Bandeira, Omari Benjamin, Luis Brown, Catalin Cirjan, Noah Cooper, Henry Davies, Ovie Ejeheri, Taylor Foran, Hubert Graczyk, James Hillson, Henry Jeffcott, Tyreece John-Jules, Alex Kirk, James Lannin-Sweet, Kamarni Ryan, Kido Taylor-Hart

        Women: Sabrina D’Angelo, Kaylan Marckese, Vivianne Miedema


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        2024-06-03 13h01m by nlawson12
        As an Arsenal fan, I have mixed feelings about these contract expirations. It's always tough to see players leave, especially ones who have been with the club for a while like Elneny and Soares. But on the bright side, it opens up opportunities for new talent and fresh faces to make their mark. Best of luck to all the departing players and hoping to see Cozier-Duberry, Hein, and Walters stay with the club.
        2024-06-03 12h52m by awalkerson7
        As a die-hard Arsenal fan, this is definitely a tough pill to swallow. Losing players like Elneny and Soares is a huge blow to our squad. And saying goodbye to Miedema Heartbreaking. But I have to trust the club's decision in releasing these players. Let's hope the negotiations with Cozier-Duberry, Hein, and Walters go well.
        2024-06-03 12h26m by edavidson
        As a football fan, this news is really disheartening. It's sad to see so many players leaving Arsenal, especially those who have been with the club for a while like Elneny and Miedema. It feels like a huge overhaul is happening and it's hard not to feel a sense of disillusionment. But I trust that the club has a plan in place and I'm looking forward to seeing what new signings and academy players will come in.
        2024-06-03 12h07m by jwhiteheadbarnes
        Wow, big changes coming for Arsenal! Sad to see some of my favorite players go, but excited to see who they bring in to replace them.
        2024-06-03 11h53m by lhalliday_bart
        Oh wow, big changes happening at Arsenal! Some key players leaving but also some negotiations still going on. Excited to see who will stay and who will go
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