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Speculation swirls regarding out-of-form forward

Arteta held talks with Red Devils Rashford 

2024/05/27 11:20

The summer transfer window opens in just over two weeks and one of the more sensational rumours doing the rounds is that Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has spoken to Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford regarding joining the Gunners. 

It is expected that Arsenal will be active in the window, as the north London club look to bolster a squad that again finished second to Manchester City in the Premier League.  

Arteta, according to reports circulating online, has already met with Rashford and broached the subject of a possible move - with both parties said to be open to the idea.  

After signing a new deal at Old Trafford last season, Rashford currently earns over £300,000 per week and has four years left on his contract. 

However, a poor season at his boyhood club has ignited speculation that Rashford may look for a fresh challenge in the summer. 

The 26-year-old scored only eight goals in 2023/24, after hitting 30 last year across all competitions and he was last week omitted from England's provisional 33-man squad for Euro 2024. 

Rashford wished his Three Lions team-mates luck after missing out on Gareth Southgate's squad and then played a key role in the Red Devils' surprise 2-1 FA Cup final over rivals Manchester City last weekend. 

A move to the Emirates in the summer seems unlikely, but it would certainly be an intriguing transfer were it to materialise. 

Marcus Rashford
NameMarcus Rashford
Born/Age1997-10-31(26 -yrs-old)
Dual Nationality
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Kitts and Nevis
PositionForward (Left Wing) / Forward (Striker)


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2024-05-27 13h03m by sparkerfield
As a football fan, I'm excited by the potential of Rashford joining Arsenal. Arteta has shown his ability to develop young players and Rashford would fit perfectly into his style of play. Plus, it would be a huge statement signing for the club.
2024-05-27 12h41m by dnelsons
Wow, this would be a huge statement signing for Arsenal! Rashford would bring so much quality and versatility to the team. Can't wait to see how this develops
2024-05-27 12h22m by banderson1976
As a football fan reading this article on Twitter, I have to say I am both excited and nervous about the potential transfer of Rashford to Arsenal. On one hand, he is a talented player who could bring a lot to the team. But on the other hand, his high salary demands and the fact that he's under contract for four more years make me question the feasibility of the move. Only time will tell if this rumour becomes a reality.
2024-05-27 12h07m by eyoungs8
As much as I love Rashford, I think a move to Arsenal would be a great move for him. He has the talent to shine at a different club and I believe Arteta can help him reach his full potential. Plus, he would be a major addition to our attack.
2024-05-27 11h32m by a_12_shawcross
Wow, this is huge news! As an Arsenal fan, I would be thrilled to see Marcus Rashford join our squad. He's a talented player and could really bring some much-needed firepower to our attack. It's exciting to hear that Mikel Arteta has already spoken to him about a possible move. I can't wait to see what happens in the transfer window.
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