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      Loanees backed to continue at the Nou Camp

      Barca to keep Felix and Cancelo

      2024/06/06 11:09

      Barcelona president Joan Laporta has spoken of the Catalan club's intentions to keep loanees Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo.

      The Portuguese pair featured heavily for Barca last season with Felix scoring 10 goals in 44 matches in all competitions on loan from Atletico Madrid, and Cancelo - on loan from Man City - playing 42 times in total. 

      "We want them to continue. Deco is working to ensure that they continue another season in the current conditions," said Laporta on the Barca One podcast.

      "Flick considers that they are high-quality players and when he coached Bayern he already tried to incorporate Joao Felix. 

      "I think that Felix could have performed better because he has extraordinary quality."

      João Cancelo
      NameJoão Pedro Cavaco Cancelo
      Born/Age1994-05-27(30 -yrs-old)
      PositionDefender (Right Back) / Defender (Left Back)


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      2024-06-06 13h15m by eyoungs8
      As a football fan, I completely agree with keeping Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo at Barca. They were crucial to our success last season and it's clear that our president, Joan Laporta, sees their value. Fingers crossed they stay for another season!
      2024-06-06 12h47m by dnelsons
      As a football fan, I'm happy to hear that Barcelona wants to keep Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo on loan. They were both impressive last season, with Felix scoring 10 goals and Cancelo playing in 42 matches. It's great to hear that the club is working to make it happen for another season. Flick clearly sees their high-quality and has been interested in Felix since his Bayern days. Hopefully, Felix will perform even better next season with his extraordinary talent.
      2024-06-06 12h06m by gkingsley
      As a Barca fan, I'm thrilled to hear that Laporta wants to keep Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo on the team. They were integral to our success last season and I hope they stay for another season. And I agree, Felix has incredible talent and potential, I'm sure he can do even better next season. Visca Barca!
      2024-06-06 11h48m by banderson1976
      As a football fan, I am thrilled to hear that Barcelona wants to keep Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo for another season. Both players have shown great potential and have contributed significantly to the team's success last season. I believe they have what it takes to continue thriving at Barca and I hope to see them in action again soon. Additionally, it's exciting to see that their quality has been recognized by other top coaches, like Flick from Bayern. Can't wait to see what
      2024-06-06 11h20m by jreedmanbrst
      Wow, great news for Barca fans! It's always exciting to see talented players like Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo staying with the club. They both had impressive seasons and I agree with Laporta, Felix definitely has the potential to do even better. Can't wait to see what they bring to the team next season!
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