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Forward joins from Wolfsburg...

Barcelona announce Ewa Pajor signing

2024/06/17 16:31

Barcelona have announced the signing of Polish forward Ewa Pajor on a three-year deal.

Pajor has been a huge part of Wolfsburg success since joining the club in 2015 in which she won five Bundesliga titles but only managed to be a runner-up in the Champions League on four occasions (2015–16, 2017–18, 2019–20, and 2022–23).

Now Pajor will be joining the reigning European champions and will be hopeful to finally lift the trophy after signing for the serial winners until 2027.

According to previous reports, Barcelona are paying Wolfsburg €500k for the 27-year-old's signature – a transfer that would be the third most expensive in women's football, level with Mayra Ramírez's move to Chelsea.

Last season Pajor scored 20 goals in 25 games for Wolfsburg who finished second behind Bayern Munich in the league.

Ewa Pajor
Born/Age1996-12-03(27 -yrs-old)
PositionForward (Striker) (Left Wing)



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2024-06-17 17h08m by l_10_brownfield
Wow, what a huge signing for Barcelona! Pajor has been a star at Wolfsburg and I can't wait to see her talents on display alongside other top players at Barcelona. With her track record, I have no doubt she will make a huge impact and help Barcelona continue their winning streak. Can't wait to see her lift the Champions League trophy with them!
2024-06-17 16h48m by gkingsley
As a Barcelona fan, I'm ecstatic about this signing! Pajor has been a star player for Wolfsburg and I have no doubt she will continue to shine at Barcelona. Can't wait to see her lift the Champions League trophy with us in the near future!


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