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To play alongside his son Romarinho

Brazil legend Romário comes out of retirement at 58

2024/04/17 16:35

Romario has made a surprising return from retirement at the age of 58 to join the Brazilian side America Football Club in Rio de Janeiro.

The iconic Brazilian footballer has announced his comeback after more than 15 years since he retired in 2009.

He's currently the president of the Rio de Janeiro-based club, which competes in the second tier of the Rio regional competition, the 1994 World Cup winner expressed his desire to play alongside his son, Romarinho, in a few matches, although he clarified that he won't be participating in the full league season.

In a post on his Instagram page on Tuesday, Romario said: “I’m not going to compete in the championship, but rather play a few games for the team of my heart and make another dream come true, playing alongside my son.

Romario's career began in 1985 with Vasco de Gama, followed by successful stints in Europe with PSV and Barcelona. 

For Brazil, he scored 55 goals in 70 caps and was crowned FIFA Player of the Year in 1994, a year in which he played a key role in Brazil's World Cup triumph, scoring five goals in the tournament.

NameRomário de Souza Faria
Born/Age1966-01-29(58 -yrs-old)
PositionForward (Striker)


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2024-04-17 18h39m by eyoungs8
He is known for his attacking style of play and exceptional goal-scoring abilities, having scored over 1, 000 goals in his career.

As a football fan, I am thrilled to see Romario return to the pitch at the age of 58. It just goes to show that age is just a number and passion for the game knows no bounds. I am excited to see him play alongside his son and make another dream come true. Romario is an iconic figure in Brazilian football and his comeback
2024-04-17 18h26m by dnelsons
He is considered one of the greatest strikers in football history and has scored over 1, 000 professional goals during his career, including over 50 for the Brazilian national team.

As a football fan, I am thrilled to see Romario making a comeback at the age of 58. It's amazing to see such a legendary player still have the passion and drive to play the sport he loves. I'm sure his presence on the field will bring an extra level of excitement to America Football Club and
2024-04-17 18h11m by a_12_shawcross
Wow, what a comeback! Can't wait to see Romario on the field again. And playing with his son
2024-04-17 17h39m by sjacksons_9_2_1
His return to the pitch has sparked a wave of optimism among fans and fellow players, who are excited to see the legendary striker back in action.

As a football fan, I am beyond excited to see Romario back on the pitch again, even if it's just for a few matches. His passion for the game is truly inspiring and it's heartwarming to see him fulfill his dream of playing alongside his son. This is what football is all about, and I have no doubt that Romario
2024-04-17 17h02m by jreedmanbrst
Wow, I can&
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