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      Midfielder had been linked with a move away...

      Bruno Fernandes expected to stay at Man Utd

      2024/05/16 17:35

      Bruno Fernandes is expected to stay at Old Trafford despite reports of a potential exit from the club.

      The 29-year-old is the club's captain and among the better performers this year in what has been a difficult campaign for Erik ten Hag's side.

      Manchester United's on-field failures have led to reports of a potential exit from the club but according to journalist David Ornstein, a lengthy meeting took place between the two parties with both the club wanting to keep the Portuguese international and Fernandes himself wanting to stay.

      Despite that, Ornstein did suggest that if the new management running football operations at the club did not meet his expectations there could still be a chance for the player to leave the club.

      Since arriving at the club from Sporting in 2020, Fernandes has been a key player for the club, scoring 79 goals and assisting 65 in 231 appearances.

      Bruno Fernandes
      NameBruno Miguel Borges Fernandes
      Born/Age1994-09-08(29 -yrs-old)
      PositionMidfielder (Centre Midfielder)


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      2024-05-16 18h51m by sparkerfield
      As a football fan, I am relieved to hear that Bruno Fernandes will be staying at Old Trafford. He has been a top performer for Manchester United and his loyalty to the club is admirable. Hopefully the new management will meet his expectations and we can see him continue to thrive at United.
      2024-05-16 18h21m by eyoungs8
      As a football fan, I'm relieved to hear that Bruno Fernandes is staying at Old Trafford. He's been a standout performer for Manchester United this year and losing him would be a huge blow. I trust that the club and Fernandes will come to an agreement, but I hope the new management meets his expectations. Let's keep the faith and continue to support our captain!
      2024-05-16 18h06m by a_12_shawcross
      As a football fan, I am relieved to hear that Bruno Fernandes will be staying at Old Trafford. He's been one of our best players this season and we need him to help us turn things around. Let's hope the new management can meet his expectations and keep him happy.
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