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Arsenal, City, Madrid & PSG linked with Brazilian

Bruno Guimaraes targeted by European giants

2024/04/24 15:57

According to The Telegraph, title challengers Arsenal and Manchester City are considering a move for Newcastle United midfielder Bruno Guimaraes.

It is believed that both sides, who were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League at the quarter-final stage, are trying to target the Brazil international midfielder with both sides keen on bolstering their midfield options.

There is an expectation that any move for the 26-year-old could be in the region of £100 million with Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid also reportedly interested in the former Olympique Lyonnais man.

Arsenal signed a midfielder for over £100 million last summer in Declan Rice but are expected to be looking for improvements upon the likes of Thomas Partey and Fabio Vieira.

Manchester City could be undergoing something of a major shift and evolution in their squad this summer with rumours of Bernardo Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and Jack Grealish all potentially leaving. 

There is an expectation that Newcastle will have to make a sale in order to buy this summer as a result of Profit and Sustainability Rules in the Premier League as well as UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

Bruno Guimaraes, who has been capped 20 times by the Brazilian national side, joined the Magpies in the January transfer window of 2022 for a fee believed to be in the region of £40 million.


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2024-04-24 18h05m by jgibsonson
As a football fan, it's disappointing to see Arsenal and Man City target Bruno Guimaraes for such a high price. With players like Rice already signed, it's clear they need to focus on strengthening other areas of their team. And as for City, losing Silva, De Bruyne and potentially Grealish would be a huge blow.
2024-04-24 17h59m by jreedmanbrst
Wow, both Arsenal and Manchester City looking at Bruno Guimaraes He's definitely worth the £100 million price tag. Can't wait to see him in the Premier League!
2024-04-24 17h20m by edavidson
Disappointing to see Arsenal and Man City chasing after Bruno Guimaraes. It's just another example of the top clubs throwing around massive amounts of money instead of nurturing young talent.
2024-04-24 16h44m by sjacksons_9_2_1
As a football fan, I believe that both Arsenal and Manchester City would greatly benefit from the addition of Bruno Guimaraes to their midfield. He has proven himself to be a talented player with his performances for Newcastle United and would bring a strong presence to either team. However, the reported price tag of £100 million may be a bit steep and could potentially hinder a move. It will be interesting to see how this transfer saga unfolds.
2024-04-24 16h16m by a_12_shawcross
Wow, this is big news! Arsenal and Manchester City both eyeing Bruno Guimaraes from Newcastle United. As a football fan, I think his skills and experience could definitely be an asset to either team. Exciting to see who will come out on top!
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