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      Saudi Arabian clubs interested...

      Casemiro set to decide future

      2024/05/28 15:34

      Manchester United midfielder Casemiro is set to decide on his future in the upcoming days with clubs from Saudi Arabia said to be interested.

      The Brazilian was initially a transformative signing for the Red Devils when he arrived from Real Madrid in 2022 but after an impressive first season has struggled this campaign.

      The 32-year-old has been linked with an exit from the club frequently in recent weeks with GOAL Brazil currently reporting that three clubs from the Saudi Pro League – Al-Nassr, Al-Ahli, and the recently-promoted Al Qadsiah – are interested.

      Casemiro has a contract with Manchester United until 2026 although they are believed to be ready to sell the midfielder for £30 million and hope to get the player's high salary off the books. The player and the club are expected to come to a decision on his future in the coming days.

      NameCarlos Henrique José Francisco Venancio Casimiro
      Born/Age1992-02-23(32 -yrs-old)
      Dual Nationality
      PositionMidfielder (Defensive Midfielder)


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      2024-05-28 17h24m by jwhiteheadbarnes
      Wow, I can't believe Casemiro might be leaving Man United! As a football fan, I thought he was a great addition to the team, but it seems like he's had a tough season. It's not surprising that clubs from Saudi Arabia are interested, but I hope he stays with the Red Devils.
      2024-05-28 17h01m by gkingsley
      As a football fan, I'm disappointed to hear that Casemiro's future at Manchester United may be coming to an end. He was such a great signing back in 2022 and had an impressive first season, but things haven't been the same this year. I hope he stays and helps the team improve, but if he does leave for Saudi Arabia, I wish him all the best.
      2024-05-28 16h45m by eedwards
      As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear that Casemiro may be leaving Manchester United. He was a transformative signing and had a great first season, but unfortunately, he has struggled this campaign. It's a shame that he may be leaving, but I understand the club's decision to sell him to get his high salary off the books. I hope he makes the best decision for his future and wish him all the best.
      2024-05-28 16h36m by ocollinsworth
      As a football fan, I am disappointed to see Casemiro potentially leaving Manchester United. He was a transformative signing and brought a lot of energy to the team when he first arrived. However, it's been a tough season for him and it seems like the club is ready to let him go. I hope they come to a decision soon so we can move on and focus on building a stronger squad for next season.
      2024-05-28 16h06m by jreedmanbrst
      As a football fan, I've been disappointed with Casemiro's performance this season. It's sad to see him linked with a move away from Manchester United, but I understand the club's decision to sell him. Hopefully, he can find success wherever he goes.
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