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      Leicester manager could move to Stamford Bridge

      Chelsea continue Maresca talks

      2024/05/27 10:22

      Chelsea have continued to talk with representatives of Enzo Maresca according to reports.

      Journalist Jacob Steinberg of The Guardian has said that the London club have been continuing to talk to Maresca about the vacant role after Mauricio Pochettino departed at the end of the season.

      Former player Maresca led Leicester City back to the top flight and the Championship title with 97 points in 46 Championship games.

      Previously, the Italian was in command of Parma and had been the manager of Manchester City's development squad.

      The Blues are still considering a move for Brentford manager Thomas Frank with Ipswich Town boss Kieran McKenna now reportedly out of the picture. Former Brighton boss Roberto De Zerbi has previously been linked with the Chelsea job as well as José Mourinho who could return for a third stint in charge of the club.

      Enzo Maresca
      NameVincenzo Maresca
      Born/Age1980-02-10(44 -yrs-old)
      Job RoleManager



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      2024-05-27 12h52m by edavidson
      As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear that Chelsea are still considering options for their vacant manager role. It seems like they are indecisive and unable to make a concrete decision. I hope they can find the right fit soon and bring stability to the team.
      2024-05-27 12h27m by l_10_brownfield
      As a football fan, I have to say I am excited about the possibility of Enzo Maresca becoming Chelsea's new manager. His experience at Leicester City and Manchester City's development squad make him a strong candidate. However, I do think Thomas Frank would also be a great option for the club. Can't wait to see who they choose!
      2024-05-27 11h52m by nlawson12
      Interesting news about
      2024-05-27 11h16m by awalkerson7
      As a Chelsea fan, I am hopeful that Enzo Maresca will be the one to lead our team to success. He has proven himself as a capable manager with his past achievements, and I believe he can bring a fresh perspective to the club. However, I also have my eye on Thomas Frank and am interested to see how his style of play could benefit the team. Let's hope the club makes the right decision in choosing our next manager.
      2024-05-27 10h39m by banderson1976
      As a football fan reading this article, I am excited about the potential of Enzo Maresca becoming the new manager of Chelsea. He has had success in leading Leicester City to the top flight and has experience managing at top clubs like Manchester City. I am also intrigued by the possibility of Thomas Frank or Roberto De Zerbi taking over, but I believe Maresca would be a great choice for the Blues.
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