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Klopp departure could be the end for Darwin

Darwin Nunez set to lose closest ally at Liverpool

2024/04/25 17:05

According to the Merseyside Football Reporter for The Telegraph Chris Bascombe, there is a possibility that Darwin Nunez leaves Liverpool this summer.

The 24-year-old Uruguay international has underwhelmed throughout his stint at Liverpool in terms of raw numbers but there have been flashes and performances of a really high ceiling.

However, it has been suggested that one of Darwin Nunez’ biggest supporters and allies at the club is Jurgen Klopp, who is due to depart the Reds at the end of this season after being at Anfield since the autumn of 2015.

There is an expectation that the Artigas-born forward could be up for transfer during this window with the return of Michael Edwards as well as Richard Hughes heading up the clubs’ football hierarchy.

Darwin Nunez began his career in Uruguay before joining then Spanish second-tier outfit Almeria in 2019 ahead of a move to Lisbon giants Benfica in 2020.

Since joining Liverpool in the summer of 2022 for a fee believed to be in the region of £64 million, he has scored 33 goals in 92 appearances across all competitions. 

Market value
68.00 M €
Darwin Núñez
Born/Age1999-06-24(25 -yrs-old)
PositionForward (Striker)


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2024-04-25 19h07m by jgibsonson
Really disappointed to hear about the possibility of Nunez leaving Liverpool this summer. He may not have the numbers, but Klopp sees potential and that's what matters. Will miss seeing him in red.
2024-04-25 18h58m by gkingsley
Interesting read, but I'm not sure if Nunez leaving is the best move for @LFC. He's shown potential under Klopp's guidance. Will be interesting to see how the new football hierarchy handles transfers.
2024-04-25 18h44m by hturnerford
Interesting to see if Nunez will leave Liverpool. Mixed stats but Klopp's support could mean something. Will Edwards and Hughes make a move
2024-04-25 18h07m by eedwards
Interesting news about Nunez possibly leaving Liverpool this summer. Mixed opinions on his performance but seems like Klopp is a big fan. Wonder what will happen with new football management in place.
2024-04-25 17h40m by edavidson
I've been on the Nunez hype train since he joined Liverpool, but it looks like his time may be up. Sad to see Klopp leaving too
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