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Amidst striker shortage

Derby County closing in on Dwight Gayle signing

2024/02/19 12:09

Derby County are making swift progress in securing a deal with free agent Dwight Gayle. 

Released by Stoke City earlier this month, the 34-year-old striker has garnered interest from Championship clubs, but now indications now suggest that Gayle is increasingly likely to join Derby County on a free transfer.

The urgency to sign a new forward for the Rams heightened after James Collins suffered an injury. With 18 goals in all competitions this season, Collins' absence intensifies the need for forwards, especially with Martyn Waghorn, Conor Washington, and Tyreece John-Jules already sidelined.

Following Saturda's 1-0 win over Stevenage, manager Paul Warne confirmed Derby's strong efforts to bring the 34-year-old striker to Pride Park. 

Speaking to Stoke-on-Trent Live, Warne stated, “I’ve got a list of two names, and I’ve gone for my first one, and all the paperwork has been done and was handed in yesterday. The EFL is still working with us in trying to make it happen, and hopefully, it will. We will continue into the start of next week."

Warne further revealed that Dwight Gayle is the targeted player, but competition exists with at least two other clubs vying for his signature. 

Despite the challenges, Derby is actively pursuing the deal and remains hopeful for a positive outcome, awaiting confirmation from the EFL.

Dwight Gayle
NameDwight Devon Boyd Gayle
Born/Age1990-10-17(33 -yrs-old)
Dual Nationality



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2024-02-19 13h29m by hturnerford
I’m just waiting for confirmation from Stoke City.

As a football fan, I'm excited to see Derby County making swift progress in securing a deal with free agent Dwight Gayle. With his impressive goal-scoring record and the urgency to sign a new forward, he would be a valuable addition to the team. Can't wait to see him in action for the Rams!
2024-02-19 13h17m by sparkerfield
I’m waiting for a call back from Derby County to see if they want to do it.

Great news for Derby! Gayle would be a fantastic addition to our attacking lineup. Hope the deal goes through
2024-02-19 13h01m by mfosterfield
We’re just waiting now.

As a football fan, I think this is a great move for Derby County. Gayle is a proven goal scorer and will add much-needed depth to their attacking options. With Collins' injury, it's important for the team to secure a new forward quickly and Gayle seems like the perfect fit. Excited to see him in a Derby shirt!
2024-02-19 12h28m by edavidson
So I’m just hoping that goes through.

Wow, great news for Derby County! Gayle would be a great addition to the team, especially with Collins' injury. Excited to see him play for the Rams.


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