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      Various EFL clubs have released statements

      EFL protests Premier League and FA's unilateral FA Cup replay decision

      2024/04/20 12:01

      The backlash against the Premier League and FA for their secretive agreement to scrap replays from the initial four rounds of the FA Cup has been significant.

      The EFL and the majority of its clubs have recently issued statements condemning the Premier League and the FA for reaching this decision without consulting the EFL.

      The FA defended the move, stating that all involved parties had agreed to remove replays due to the belief that the tradition was no longer sustainable.

      However, the EFL countered this claim, asserting that the Premier League and FA had made the decision without consulting or gaining consent from the EFL.

      As a result of this decision, the FA Cup will now be held on weekends, with replays removed from the equation starting from the first round.

      Expressing dissatisfaction, the EFL has called on the FA to reconsider their approach, arguing that there was no formal agreement prior to the announcement and no thorough consultation process.

      Numerous clubs from the EFL and lower football leagues have spoken out against the decision, arguing that it deprives them of a traditional source of revenue.


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      2024-04-20 12h55m by jwhiteheadbarnes
      Wow, this is a real disappointment. Removing FA Cup replays takes away from the traditional and unpredictable nature of the tournament. @premierleague and @FA, you should have consulted all parties before making such a significant decision.
      2024-04-20 12h24m by gkingsley
      As a football fan, I am disappointed and frustrated by the secretive agreement between the Premier League and FA to scrap FA Cup replays. It's unfair to make such a significant decision without consulting all parties involved, especially the EFL. The tradition of replays may not be sustainable, but that doesn't mean it should be scrapped without proper discussion and consent.
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