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        Measures agreed to limit trouble in Gelsenkirchen

        England v Serbia flagged as security concern

        2024/06/12 09:53

        England’s opening Euro 2024 match against Serbia on 16 June has been classed as "high-risk" by the German authorities. 

        According to various reports, including an article on the BBC, the local police in Gelsenkirchen have been briefed that the fixture could represent a security threat - 500 Serbian hooligans reportedly set to number among several thousand supporters from the country expected to attend the match.

        As a counter-measure, only low-alcohol beer will be served at the stadium and fans from the two countries will be separated by more than 1,000 police officers. 

        “The authorities rated that match from the start as high-risk” the managing director of Euro 2024, Andreas Schaer, told BBC Sport.

        “But that was also about setting up preventative measures in Gelsenkirchen…for them to take all these actions they had to rate the match high-risk.”

        “Serbia’s not been in the tournament for some time so there was some unknown factors - how are the two fan groups going to react? That is an open question. We as organisers are not that much concerned as our records do not show that there is a high risk of clashes, but of course the match has a bit of potential, if we’re not taking care, that it could escalate.”


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        2024-06-12 11h00m by sparkerfield
        Wow, that sounds like a tense match. It's unfortunate that security concerns have to take priority, but safety should always come first. Hopefully the match will still be enjoyable for those in attendance.
        2024-06-12 10h31m by hturnerford
        As an en-GB football fan, I'm disappointed to hear that England's Euro 2024 match against Serbia has been labeled as high-risk. It's concerning to hear that 500 Serbian hooligans are expected to attend the match, but I hope the security measures in place will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all fans. Let's hope for a great match and good sportsmanship from both sides.
        2024-06-12 10h02m by omitchellsonjones
        As a football fan from England, I'm disappointed to hear that our opening match in Euro 2024 against Serbia has been classified as high-risk by German authorities. It's a shame that a few Serbian hooligans have caused this label for all of us supporters. However, I understand the precautions being taken and hope that the match will still be an exciting and safe event for all involved.


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