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Former defender takes over until end of the season

Fabio Cannavaro named new Udinese manager

2024/04/22 14:02

Fabio Cannavaro has been named as the manager of struggling Udinese until the end of the season.

The legendary defender will take over from Gabriele Cioffi who was sacked earlier today after just four wins from his 24 games in charge of the club with the Bianconeri losing 1-0 away to Hellas Verona at the weekend after Diego Coppola's stoppage-time winner.

That result means that Udinese are 17th in Serie A and in danger of relegation.

"There is no need to recall the on-field exploits of one of the greatest players in the history of Italian football," read an official statement from the Udine club.

"Cannavaro is a young and prepared coach of international stature who has already had the opportunity to prove his skills abroad as well.

"The club has identified his on-field and technical experience and unquestioned leadership as the right figure to lead the team to the goal of salvation."

Fabio Cannavaro's brother Paolo will also join the club as assistant coach.

The 50-year-old will oversee his first game as Udinese boss on Sunday as his team travel to face fourth-placed Bologna.


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2024-04-22 15h52m by hturnerford
As a football fan, I'm excited to see Cannavaro taking over as manager of Udinese. He may be a legendary player, but his coaching skills have also been proven abroad. With his experience and leadership, I have no doubt that he will lead the team to safety. Up the Bianconeri!
2024-04-22 15h44m by dnelsons
As a football fan, I'm really excited to see Fabio Cannavaro as the new manager of Udinese. He has a legendary career and I have no doubt that he will bring his immense knowledge and leadership to the team. Hopefully, under his guidance, the team will be able to avoid relegation and secure their spot in Serie A. Looking forward to seeing what he can do!
2024-04-22 15h36m by eedwards
Excited to see Fabio Cannavaro take over as manager of Udinese! With his experience and leadership, I have no doubt he will lead the team to safety. Forza Udinese!
2024-04-22 15h13m by a_12_shawcross
Wow, big news in the football world! Fabio Cannavaro, a true legend, has been appointed as the new manager of struggling Udinese. Let's hope his experience and leadership will help turn things around for the team. Good luck, Fabio!
2024-04-22 14h40m by gkingsley

Finally, a new coach for Udinese! Cannavaro may be young, but his experience and leadership will be crucial in securing our club's survival. Let's show some pride and support for our new manager!
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