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Spain set to take the plunge in the 2025/26 season

FIFA analysing possibility of domestic matches moved abroad

2024/05/15 16:26

World football’s governing body, The Federation Internationale de football (FIFA), has confirmed it will explore the possibility of moving domestic matches abroad in the future.

FIFA has said they will establish a working group to look at the impact of playing competitive matches in domestic leagues overseas at some point.

There has been a legal agreement made between FIFA and American sports promoters Relevant Sports that has suggested there is a possibility of this eventuality. 

The Chief Executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has said that the agreement has ‘left the door ajar’ for the possibility of moving matches abroad.

The Premier League’s former CEO, Richard Scudamore, once infamously planned on a ‘39th game’ in the league, which would be an extra game during a season played abroad. However, England’s top-flight league have this time said they have no plans to do so.

In contrast, La Liga, with Javier Tebas at the helm, have said that they plan to play games overseas from the 2025/26 campaign, which would conveniently lead into the 2026 FIFA World Cup set to be held across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Spain’s top division very nearly set the precedent back in 2019 with Barcelona set to face Catalan rivals Girona in Miami but that was eventually cancelled due to supporter protest.


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2024-05-15 17h41m by sjacksons_9_2_1
As a football fan, I have mixed feelings about this move. On one hand, it could bring more exposure and revenue for the league, but on the other hand, it could also disrupt the traditional home-field advantage for teams. I hope FIFA and the Premier League carefully consider the pros and cons before making any decisions.
2024-05-15 17h32m by eyoungs8
As a football fanatic, I am disappointed by this news. Domestic matches should stay within their home countries - that's what makes them special and unique. Playing games abroad takes away from the passion and atmosphere of the home fans, and it's unfair to them. Let's keep football where it belongs, on home soil.
2024-05-15 17h16m by ocollinsworth
As a football fan, I have to say I am not happy with the idea of domestic matches being played abroad. Football is about the fans and the atmosphere they create in their home stadium. Taking away that experience just for the sake of expanding the sport globally is not worth it.
2024-05-15 17h07m by omitchellsonjones
As a football fan, I have to say this is a ridiculous idea. Domestic matches should stay in their respective countries and leagues. The whole point of a domestic league is for teams to compete against each other within their own country. Moving matches abroad would only benefit the wealthy and leave smaller teams at a disadvantage. @FIFA, please focus on fixing the issues within the sport instead of trying to make a quick buck.
2024-05-15 16h35m by edavidson
As a football fan, I am really disappointed to hear that FIFA is considering moving domestic matches abroad. This goes against the essence of the beautiful game and prioritizes money over the loyalty and passion of fans. It's a clear case of disillusionment in the sport.


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