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        Former Arsenal & Everton striker Kevin Campbell dies aged 54

        2024/06/15 11:58

        Former Arsenal and Everton striker Kevin Campbell has passed away at the age of 54 following a short illness.

        After being hospitalised last month due to 'feeling unwell', the sad news of his death was confirmed on Saturday morning.

        Campbell scored 170 goals in 602 appearances during his career, playing for eight different clubs.

        He won four major trophies with Arsenal and later played for Leyton Orient, Leicester, Nottingham Forest, Trabzonspor, Everton, West Brom, and Cardiff.

        Campbell made his final appearance as a player in February 2007 before transitioning to a career in broadcasting.

        Kevin Campbell
        PositionForward (Striker)


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        2024-06-15 13h05m by gkingsley
        Sad news about the passing of former footballer Kevin Campbell. He was a fantastic player who always gave his all on the pitch. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Kevin.
        2024-06-15 12h31m by eyoungs8
        As a football fan, I am devastated to hear about the passing of Kevin Campbell. He was a true legend on the pitch, scoring 170 goals in 602 appearances. He will always be remembered for his time at Arsenal, where he won four major trophies. Rest in peace, Kevin. You will be greatly missed.
        2024-06-15 12h16m by l_10_brownfield
        Oh no, such sad news. Campbell was a true legend on the pitch, always gave his all for every team he played for. He will be greatly missed.
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