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Alisson, TAA, Bajcetic & Jota boost Klopp's men

Four key first-teamers back for Liverpool

2024/04/09 16:33

As we head into the run in of both the Premier League and UEFA competitions, Liverpool have been majorly boosted by the return of four key first-team players this week.

Goalkeeper Alisson, England international Trent Alexander-Arnold, young midfielder Stefan Bajcetic and forward Diogo Jota have all returned to the Reds’ first-team training sessions on Tuesday morning.

Liverpool have been without Alisson and Alexander-Arnold since January, whilst Diogo Jota was expected to miss until at least the middle of May. Stefan Bajcetic has been missing since the early stages of this campaign.

In his stead, Ireland international Caoimhin Kelleher has been impressive between the sticks but Alisson, arguably the best goalkeeper in England, will be a major boost behind an already impressive back-line. The same can be said for Northern Ireland right-back Conor Bradley with regards to Alexander-Arnold and the Englishman could well be moved into midfield.

Bajcetic and Diogo Jota are expected to take a little more time to get up to speed but add much-needed depth to a Liverpool side looking to add two more trophies this season.

They face Atalanta at Anfield on Thursday evening in the first-leg of their UEFA Europa League quarter-final before facing Crystal Palace on Sunday afternoon as they try and keep up their title charge against Arsenal and Manchester City.


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2024-04-09 18h38m by sparkerfield
Great news for
2024-04-09 17h57m by a_12_shawcross
Wow, what a boost for Liverpool! Having Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Jota and Bajcetic back in training is huge for their run in. Alisson's return will solidify an already impressive defense, while Alexander-Arnold's presence could shake up the midfield. Exciting times ahead for the Reds!
2024-04-09 17h45m by mfosterfield
Wow, what a boost for Liverpool! Getting Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Bajcetic, and Jota back in action is huge for their Premier League and UEFA chances. Alisson's return will solidify their already strong defense and Jota's presence will add even more firepower to their attack. Exciting times ahead for Liverpool fans!
2024-04-09 17h37m by eedwards
Wow, this is amazing news for Liverpool! Alisson and Alexander-Arnold have been greatly missed and their return will definitely strengthen the team. And let's not forget about Jota and Bajcetic, their presence will add depth to the already talented squad.
2024-04-09 16h57m by jwhiteheadbarnes
Wow, this is great news for Liverpool! Having Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Bajcetic, and Jota back in training will definitely give the team a much-needed boost. Excited to see them back on the field soon!
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