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German supporter stretchered to hospital

Füllkrug shot broke fan's hand in Euro 2024 opener

2024/06/18 12:32

A German supporter has spoken about missing the hosts’ opening Euro 2024 win against Scotland on Friday due to a broken hand he sustained when a wayward shot from Die Mannschaft striker Niclas Füllkrug hit him in the warm-up.

Kai Flathmann was sat to the side of one of the goals when a shot from Fullkrug flew wide and struck him prior to kick-off at the Allianz Arena.

“I have no words, crazy things,” said Flathmann on social media, where he posted a photograph of him with his arm in a sling. 

“Bild [newspaper] is now reporting on this unfortunate incident and the German FA have been in touch with me as well.”

The unlucky fan told Bild that he was able to listen to both teams’ anthems before he was stretchered out of the ground for treatment. 

Germany went on to record a comfortable 5-1 win over the Scots - with Fullkrug coming off the bench to score his team's fourth goal with a shot that was clocked at 110km/h (68mph).


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2024-06-18 14h24m by jgibsonson
Wow, what a turn of events! Missing the opening win due to a broken hand from a stray shot during warm-up That's just pure bad luck. Hope you recover soon, Kai!
2024-06-18 14h15m by edavidson
Wow, what a crazy story! Can't believe I missed the game because of a broken hand from a wayward shot. But at least I got some attention from the media and the German FA.
2024-06-18 13h43m by ocollinsworth
As a die-hard football fan, I can't believe I missed Germany's Euro 2024 opener because of a stray shot from Füllkrug during warm-up! Crazy things happen in football. Hopefully, I'll recover soon and make it to the next game.
2024-06-18 13h16m by awalkerson7
Wow, what a crazy story! As a football fan, it's always devastating to miss a match, especially if it's your team's opening game. But to miss it due to a broken hand caused by a player's wayward shot in the warm-up That's just unlucky. Hopefully, the German FA will make it up to you somehow, Kai. Get well soon!
2024-06-18 12h55m by eyoungs8
I can't believe I missed Germany's opening win due to a broken hand from a shot during the warm-up. Crazy luck.
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