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England boss reflects on England's win over Serbia

Gareth Southgate: 'We had to suffer a bit...'

2024/06/16 23:06

Gareth Southgate was satisfied with England's ability to 'suffer' during their 1-0 victory over Serbia.

Jude Bellingham's header in the 13th minute secured the win for the Three Lions, but they faced significant pressure in the latter stages of a nervy second half, defending deep for much of that period.

Speaking to BBC after the game Southgate said: "They are a strong team. We had to suffer a bit which I think is really good for us. 

"I think to defend the box the way we did was really good for us. I was really pleased with a lot of the play. Second half we didn't keep it as well as I would have liked but to get the win is very important."

"I am confident we will score goals. Playing against a back five it is not easy to create chances and we did. 

"I liked the fact we had to suffer without the ball because that is an area we have worked on a lot this week. We were obviously much better than last week at doing that."

When asked about Jude Bellingham's performance, the England manager said: "He writes his own script. The timing of his runs. It was a super bit of play in the build-up of his play. I think all of our forward players looked really good.

Southgate also praised Trent Alexander-Arnold for his efforts playing in a different position: "I have to say, he has been really diligent in getting his positioning right. 

"I think he adapted and adjusted really well and used the ball well. We have got a squad and we need to use it."


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2024-06-17 00h59m by lhalliday_bart

As a football fan, I am buzzing with excitement after watching England's victory over Serbia. It was a tough match, but it's so satisfying to see the team handle the pressure and secure the win. Southgate's tactics were spot on and it's great to see the players executing them perfectly. Can't wait for the next game!
2024-06-17 00h48m by banderson1976
We just have to keep the ball better.

As a football fan, I have to say that I am incredibly proud of the way England played in this match against Serbia. It was a tough game and they really had to dig deep and defend well, but they were able to secure a 1-0 victory. Southgate's comments show that he is pleased with the team's performance and that they will continue to improve. It's great to see that they are working on areas like defending
2024-06-17 00h07m by dnelsons
It is a good sign for us.

As a football fan, I have to say that I am really pleased with England's performance. They showed great resilience and determination to defend their lead against a strong Serbian team. It was a bit nerve-wracking towards the end, but I think it's important for the team to face these challenges and learn from them. Overall, a solid win and I am confident that we will continue to improve and score goals in the upcoming matches.
2024-06-16 23h51m by nlawson12
We gave away a few too many free throws

As a football fan, I have to say that I am very grateful for Gareth Southgate's leadership and tactics in the England game against Serbia. It was a tough match but the team showed great determination and resilience, especially in their defensive efforts. Overall, a solid win for the Three Lions.
2024-06-16 23h30m by mfosterfield
Overall, lots of positives.

As a football fan, I am ecstatic with England's win over Serbia. It was a tough match, but the team showed resilience and determination to secure the victory. Bellingham's goal was fantastic and the defense did a great job under pressure. Southgate's comments about the team having to suffer and defend well are spot on. It's important that we continue to work on those areas and improve, but overall, a great performance and result.
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