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      City manager will be given time to consider role

      Guardiola to mull over Manchester City future

      2024/05/27 11:47

      Pep Guardiola will reportedly spend the off season pondering his future at Manchester City - with the Spanish manager in two minds regarding whether to sign a new contract when his current deal ends next summer.

      After winning the Treble with the Cityzens last season, Guardiola was reportedly firmly of the opinion that he would leave at the conclusion of his contract - but he is now understood to be considering extending his stay in Manchester. 

      The 53-year-old guided City to a record-breaking fourth consecutive Premier League title this term, but was unable to secure an unpredented 'Double Double' last weekend, as his side lost 2-1 to crosstown rivals Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley.

      According to the Guardian, the Catalan’s desire to take his time over any decision could potentially lead to uncertainty next season regarding who will be in charge for the following campaign. 

      Speaking during City’s title-winning parade on Sunday, Guardiola stated: “Even myself, I couldn’t expect to stay here eight years, but everything goes well. Step by step we are here. It looks routine but it’s not routine.”

      On the subject of City’s summer transfer plans, he added: “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know the players [who] are going to make a decision whether to continue with us or want to leave or not. Players come in, come out. Right now, I’m really pleased with the team, how they behaved all season. I couldn’t say different.”

      Pep Guardiola
      NameJosep Guardiola i Sala
      Born/Age1971-01-18(53 -yrs-old)
      Job RoleManager



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      2024-05-27 12h53m by banderson1976
      As a football fan, I can't imagine Manchester City without Pep Guardiola at the helm. He's brought so much success to the club and I hope he decides to stay.
      2024-05-27 12h39m by ocollinsworth
      As a football fan, I have mixed feelings about Guardiola's potential decision to sign a new contract with Manchester City. On one hand, his success in guiding the team to a Treble last season was undeniable, and his continued presence would likely lead to more trophies. But on the other hand, I understand the desire to move on and challenge oneself in new environments. Ultimately, as a fan, all I can do is support whichever decision he makes.
      2024-05-27 12h13m by gkingsley
      As a British football fan, I am torn about Pep Guardiola's potential decision to stay or leave Manchester City. On one hand, his success with the club has been undeniable, leading them to multiple trophies and record-breaking achievements. On the other hand, his hesitation to sign a new contract could create uncertainty and possibly disrupt the team's stability next season. Ultimately, I hope he stays and continues to lead City to even more success, but I understand if he chooses to move on.
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