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Chelsea manager speaks ahead of quarter-final

Hayes: 'We know how good Ajax are'

2024/03/18 21:17

Emma Hayes has said her team has to be 'wary of Ajax's threats going forward' ahead of tomorrow's Champions League quarter-final first leg.

The soon-to-be-departing Chelsea manager is chasing a Champions League trophy in her final season before leaving for the USWNT job and her team face Ajax in Amsterdam tomorrow.

This will be a first-ever meeting between the two in an official game but the sides have faced off before in friendly competition.

"We drew with them and the game was a very closely contested game, and I remember saying I could see Ajax being the next team coming through in Europe, so it is no surprise to me," said on Ajax's surprise qualification out of group that included Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Roma.

"They've been developing their own talent, putting the right experience in, and I think they are a club that have got serious ambitions in Europe.

"Because we've played them before we know how good they are so we certainly won't be going into it with our eyes shut. We have to be wary of their threats going forward and they have a strong look down the middle.

The Blues have had a busy March so far including last weekend's important 3-1 at home to challengers Arsenal in the WSL. But Hayes doesn't expect tiredness to be an issue for her team.

"It helps when you're winning,’ Hayes said. ‘You find a little bit more energy in the legs. There's very little time between games but it's so motivating when you're able to take part in so many competitions.

"It galvanises us and as a group, we do really well with game accumulations, and we’re showing that again this year."


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2024-03-18 23h06m by awalkerson7
Wow, I can't wait for this match tomorrow! Emma Hayes is right, we have to be careful of Ajax's threats going forward. They have proven themselves against tough competition and I have no doubt they will give Chelsea a run for their money. But hey, we have to believe in our team and trust in their abilities. Let's go Chelsea!
2024-03-18 22h43m by sparkerfield
As a football fan, I have to say I agree with Emma Hayes. Ajax is a team to be reckoned with and their strong performances in the group stage show that they are a force to be reckoned with. It will be a tough match for Chelsea, but I have faith in our team to come out on top. Let's go Blues!
2024-03-18 22h17m by l_10_brownfield
Wow, Emma Hayes is not holding back on her praise for Ajax's performance in the Champions League! She's right, they have been impressive and definitely have a lot of potential as a rising team in Europe. Chelsea will definitely need to be on their toes tomorrow to secure a win.
2024-03-18 22h00m by lhalliday_bart
Exciting to see Ajax's progress and surprise qualification into the knockout stages of the Champions League. Emma Hayes' comments show the respect she has for them and their dangerous attacking threats. Can't wait to see how Chelsea handle them in tomorrow's match.


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