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      Club was relegated to League One this season...

      Huddersfield appoint Michael Duff

      2024/05/13 17:53

      Michael Duff has been appointed the new manager of recently-relegated Huddersfield Town signing a contract until 2027.

      The former defender was last in charge of Swansea City but was dismissed by the Swans after amassing just six victories in 21 games.

      Now the 46-year-old is tasked with getting Huddersfield back into the Championship after relegation to League One this season.

      "Since leaving my last role, I’ve had time to reflect, recharge and focus on what the next challenge I wanted to take on would look like," Duff said about his appointment. 

      "Whatever was to come had to be right and be a good fit, and that is exactly what this feels like. I know that our supporters expect a certain level of commitment, desire, high energy and passion from their play, and those are the high standards I’ve kept for all of my sides...

      "...This is a special Club with a magnificent history and exciting future, so it’s a real honour to have the opportunity to be part of that. I can guarantee that I will give my all for Huddersfield Town – that’s what I’ll be asking of my players too – and together alongside our supporters we have a pre-season and campaign ahead that we’ll be ready to attack."

      Before his short stint at Swansea, Duff enjoyed successful spells at Barnsley – where he reached the 2022/23 League One play-off final – and Cheltenham Town where he guided them to their highest-ever Football League finish.

      Northern Ireland
      Michael Duff
      NameMichael James Duff
      Born/Age1978-01-11(46 -yrs-old)
      Northern Ireland
      Northern Ireland
      Job RoleManager



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      2024-05-13 19h13m by lhalliday_bart
      I’m confident that with the right support, we can assemble a squad that will excite, entertain and ultimately, bring success to this great club. Up Terriers!

      As a football fan, I am beyond excited by this appointment. Duff has a proven track record of success and his commitment to high energy and passion is exactly what Huddersfield needs. I have no doubt that he will assemble a squad that will bring success back to this club. Up Terriers!
      2024-05-13 18h24m by sjacksons_9_2_1
      I’m excited to see what we can achieve together and want to bring optimism back to this club and its amazing fans.

      As a football fan, I'm thrilled to see Michael Duff take over as Huddersfield Town's new manager. Despite his struggles at Swansea City, I believe he has the passion and drive to lead our team back to the Championship. It's a tough task ahead, but I have faith in Duff's ability to bring back optimism to the
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