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      Is it wise to bet on blowout games? Three reasons that should keep you from wagering on lopsided matches

      2024/04/18 10:19

      Blowout games are very common in the world of sports. Some sports, in fact, have a generally high statistical record of lopsided games, where there is an explicit dominance of one team over the other and where the sheer superiority of one side is deemed to lead this side towards an almost certain victory. 

      The phrase “almost certain” has been carefully selected here to describe blowout games. That’s because, on the one hand, we have all the signs right there to show us that there is a very strong disparity among the competing teams and the entire match is unbalanced, which means that the most powerful side has far greater chances of winning. On the other hand, nothing ever is absolutely certain when it comes to competitions of any kind, including sports.

      Having high probabilities of an event occurring, while at the same time not being able to tell for sure that this event will come out in the end, is what every global betting platform, including old and new bookmakers in UK, hopes for to attract more punters’ interest, generate more betting revenues and ultimately secure more money from their built-in profit margin, or simply the vig. 

      Theoretically, all bettors could scan sports to find possible blowout matches and games and leverage their skills and experience to get past the odds of sports betting sites and eventually lock in their own profits. This is one of the first things that you learn about betting when you begin to explore betting professionals or follow experts' views that can be read at  

      But just as it happens with sports in general - where nothing is certain and there is nobody who can guarantee that the superior team will dominate their opponent or even that the weaker team will be defeated by the end of the match  -  nobody can actually guarantee that betting on a blowout game can bring in profits, or even secure winnings in the first place.

      Let’s see why betting on blowouts is not a wise option, especially for inexperienced or novice bettors who have not managed yet to develop exceptionally good betting skills, which would allow them to make more sophisticated choices. 

      1. Blowout games may result in the dominant teams’ complacency

      You may well ask now: What’s wrong with complacency when there is one team largely outscoring the other one?

      Well, complacency implies trying less hard to achieve something because the team has so much confidence and satisfaction from their “position” in the game. It is kind of tricky because the team is overconfident and they somehow stop giving their best effort to win, only because they are sure that they will do it in the end. That’s when big turnarounds happen and the weaker teams may eventually stun everybody and end up in great upsets.

      So, unless you can predict upsets (which is quite impossible for the average bettor), betting on blowout games can’t guarantee profit and even if profits are realized, they are very low.

      2. Blowout games are less fun and they are definitely less engaging for viewers

      The less interesting a sports game is, the less everyone, watching this game, is willing to delve deeper into analyzing its dynamics, spend time exploring potential betting markets or lines that can prove lucrative, or even bother to make a more informed prediction not necessarily on the outcome of the game, but on other occurring events within the game (for example whether a player will score points or whether a team will exceed a total number of goals, etc). And the less willing someone is in doing all these, the fewer chances they have of placing a winning bet whatsoever. 

      3. Blowout games are a perfect opportunity for the weak teams’ coaches and managers to try out bench players

      You would again ask -rather obviously: What’s wrong with trying bench players?

      The weaker teams have nothing to lose. They are expected to lose and so in lopsided games, coaches find the time to try different combinations and team compositions. In doing so, they end up changing the dynamics of the team and creating entirely new dynamics for the whole game. 

      Some players, who are given the chance to play on the field may demonstrate exceptional and incredible skills, which may prove invaluable for their team’s overall performance and competitive position against their opponent. 


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      2024-04-18 11h55m by eyoungs8
      As a football fan, I hate blowout games. It's not fun to watch one team dominating the other. It takes away the excitement and competition of the game. But it's a reality in sports, and it's up to the weaker team to step up and prove us wrong.
      2024-04-18 11h33m by hturnerford
      As a football fan, I have to say that Zeal tone has the potential to dominate any game. But let's not underestimate the underdog, upsets happen all the time.
      2024-04-18 11h04m by l_10_brownfield
      As a football fan, I have to say that blowout games can be both exciting and disappointing. On one hand, it's amazing to see your favorite team dominate and secure a win. On the other hand, it can be frustrating to see the opposing team struggle and not put up a good fight. But overall, I think enthusiasm is the key in enjoying blowout games. It's important to remain supportive and passionate for your team, but also understand that anything can happen in sports.
      2024-04-18 10h57m by omitchellsonjones
      As a football fan, I hate seeing blowout games. It takes away the excitement and unpredictability of the sport. But at the same time, it's a testament to the dominance and skill of one team. It's a Catch-22 situation.
      2024-04-18 10h42m by sjacksons_9_2_1
      As a football fan, I can't help but feel optimistic every time my team faces a blowout game. The odds may be against us, but anything can happen in sports. Excited to see how it plays out!


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