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        Is Salah starting to decline?

        2024/05/21 10:15

        In the world of football, few players command as much attention and admiration as Mohamed Salah. However, recent performances have raised questions about Salah’s form and whether he may be starting to decline. Are Mohamad Salah’s hay days over, or is this just a temporary slip-up? Let’s find out.

        Recent dips in form

        It is true that Mohamed Salah’s recent performances haven’t lived up to the high standards he’s set in previous seasons. With just two goals in his last seven Premier League outings, Salah’s usual scoring prowess seems to have deserted him at a critical juncture in Liverpool's campaign.

        Even in matches where Liverpool needed him most such as the Merseyside derby against Everton, Salah failed to make a significant impact, leaving fans and pundits alike questioning his current form and effectiveness on the pitch. These stats paint a clear picture of a player who’s experiencing a downturn in form, and there is a genuine cause for concern for Salah fans and Liverpool enthusiasts.

        Jurgen Klopp's Key Decision

        Adding fuel to the speculation surrounding Salah’s form is Jurgen Klopp’s notable decision to drop him from the starting lineup in Liverpool’s clash against West Ham. This move raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about Salah's role within the team and his ability to deliver when it matters most.

        It doesn’t take a football expert to see that a manager wouldn’t leave a player of the same calibre as Salah out of the main line up for no reason. Klopp’s emphasis on the need for players to seize their opportunities to change the situation may suggest that Salah's recent struggles and falling betting odds played a significant role in his omission from the starting XI. This isn’t the definite cause, but it’s pretty likely. 

        Future Prospects for Salah and Liverpool

        Looking ahead, the uncertainty surrounding Salah’s form raises important questions about his future at Liverpool, especially with the impending managerial transition. As Klopp prepares to step down at the end of the season, Liverpool is reportedly closing in on Arne Slot as his successor.

        This potential change in leadership could have significant implications for Salah’s role and performance within the team. Additionally, club legend Jamie Carragher has hinted at a big decision looming regarding Salah's future, indicating that Liverpool may need to reassess their options in the upcoming transfer window. If Salah’s current form continues, his position in the club could be put into jeopardy. 


        We hope we have been able to give you a better insight into whether or not Salah is starting to decline. All the evidence points towards yes, and while this might not be something you would like to hear, it’s just the name of the game in football. Salah is much older than most other players at his level - you can’t expect him to keep up forever.

        However, saying all this, it’s an injustice to say that Salah isn’t talented anymore. He might not be as good as his younger self, but he is still one of the best football players out there. We just notice it more because we are comparing him to a younger, more motivated, and faster version of himself. Only time will tell what will come of Salah, but no matter what happens, there is no debating that the impact he has had on the sport is enormous.


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        2024-05-21 12h17m by l_10_brownfield
        Opinion: As a football fan, it's heartbreaking to see one of the best players in the world struggle like this. Salah's recent performances have definitely been a cause for concern, and it's hard to say whether this is just a temporary slip-up or a sign of a decline. Let's hope he can find his form and return to his usual goal-scoring ways soon.
        2024-05-21 11h46m by dnelsons
        It’s clear that the Egyptian has hit a rough patch, but is this the beginning of the end for his time at the top

        My thoughts on Salah’s form

        As a die-hard football fan, it pains me to say this, but I believe Salah is not the player he once was. He may have had a phenomenal first season at Liverpool, but it seems that defenders have figured him out and are now able to neutralize his threat on the pitch.
        2024-05-21 11h22m by lhalliday_bart
        My thoughts on Salah's form

        As a football fan, it's disheartening to see Mohamed Salah not performing at his usual high level. He has been a key player for Liverpool and his recent dips in form are a cause for concern. However, I still have faith in him and believe that he will bounce back. This could just be a temporary slip-up for Salah and I'm sure he will come back stronger. Keep fighting, Salah!
        2024-05-21 10h40m by nlawson12
        This has led to speculation that perhaps Salah’s best days are behind him.

        My opinion

        As a football fan, it's disappointing to see Salah faltering in recent games. He has been a key player for Liverpool and has given us so many unforgettable moments. However, every player goes through a dip in form and I believe Salah will bounce back stronger. Let's not write him off just yet, he's proven himself time and time again and I have faith in him.


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