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        Story broke on Thursday regarding sin bin trials

        Klopp: ''Blue cards don't seem a fantastic idea''

        2024/02/09 16:43

        Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes introducing blue cards to the professional game may not be "a fantastic idea" and has questioned the competence of those pursuing the idea of 'sin bins'.   

        The Telegraph yesterday broke the news that the game's rulemakers Ifab were due to announce details of four trials of such measures following talks with world governing body, Fifa. 

        According to reports, the proposed trials would take place with a view to introducing blue cards, in addition to the current red and yellow card system, to address dissent during games and cynical fouls - with players potentially being sin-binned for 10 minutes. 

        After a storm of interest in the new proposals, the planned announcement regarding the trials has now been put back until after Ifab's annual meeting in Scotland on 2 March.

        When questioned about the proposals, Liverpool boss Klopp said: "It doesn't sound like a fantastic idea in the first moment. 

        "But actually, I can't remember when the last fantastic idea came from these guys [Ifab] - if they ever had one."

        Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou also commented on the possibility of changing the current disciplinary landscape. 

        "A football match has a life of its own. There are mistakes, flaws and imperfections," said Postecoglou.

        "I struggle to understand why there is this urgency all of a sudden to bring in new things. I don't know if there's much wrong with the game as I see it and why a different colour card will make any difference.

        "Most of the other sports are trying to speed up their game and I don't know why we are trying to go the other way."

        J黵gen Klopp
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        2024-02-09 18h19m by jwhiteheadbarnes
        Interesting idea, but I'm not convinced. Yellow and red cards already do the job. Let's focus on improving consistency with those before adding more confusion.
        2024-02-09 17h46m by jreedmanbrst
        As a football fan, I'm not sure if blue cards are necessary. It seems like a lot of change for something that may not solve the issue of dissent and cynical fouls. Surely there are other ways to address these problems
        2024-02-09 17h40m by eyoungs8
        Blue cards Really I don't think so, Klopp. Leave the game as it is.
        2024-02-09 17h03m by eedwards
        As a Liverpool fan, I have to say I'm not convinced about the idea of introducing blue cards to football. It seems like it could potentially complicate the game even more and I'm not sure it's necessary. Plus, I have my doubts about the competence of those pushing for this change.
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