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      Liverpool 4-3 Chelsea

      Liverpool beat Chelsea in seven-goal thriller to thwart Chelsea title hopes

      2024/05/01 21:42

      Chelsea's hopes for the Women's Super League title suffered a huge blow with a 4-3 defeat against Liverpool at Prenton Park.

      Agnes Beever-Jones initially gave Chelsea the lead in the ninth minute with a header from a Catarina Macario cross. 

      Liverpool's patience paid off in the second half, with Gemma Bonner and Sophie Roman Haug scoring from corners to turn the game aroung.

      With 10 minutes to play, Beever-Jones scored her second to level the game, but shortly after Leanne Kiernan put the Reds back in front again.

      Despite an 83rd-minute own-goal by Liverpool's goalkeeper Teagan Micah, which seemed to salvage a draw for the Blues, Bonner's stoppage-time header sealed Liverpool's victory in a thrilling seven-goal thriller.

      With this result, Emma Hayes' side sit six points behind leaders Manchester City, with a game in hand. They must rely on their rivals to stumble in their final two matches in order to win their fifth WSL title in a row.



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      2024-05-01 23h32m by awalkerson7
      As a Chelsea fan, it's gutting to see our hopes for the WSL title take such a big hit with this loss against Liverpool. We started off strong with Beever-Jones' header, but Liverpool's persistence paid off in the second half. It was a rollercoaster of emotions with our team equalizing twice, but ultimately, Liverpool came out on top. Now, we have to rely on other teams to slip up if we want a chance at the title. Disappoint
      2024-05-01 22h56m by jgibsonson
      As a Chelsea fan, this loss against Liverpool is a huge disappointment. We had the lead but couldn't hold on, and now our chances for the WSL title are slim. Tough game, but we can't give up hope just yet.
      2024-05-01 22h41m by banderson1976
      As a Chelsea fan, I'm absolutely gutted by this result. We had such a strong start and I thought we were on our way to securing the WSL title. But Liverpool's resilience and determination proved too much for us in the end. Still, I have faith in our team and we'll keep fighting until the very end. It's definitely not over yet, but it's going to be a tough battle for us.
      2024-05-01 22h24m by omitchellsonjones
      As a Chelsea fan, I am absolutely gutted by this result. Our hopes for the WSL title have been dealt a huge blow with this defeat against Liverpool. We had the lead early on thanks to Agnes Beever-Jones, but unfortunately we couldn't hold on. Credit to Liverpool for their patience and determination, but we really needed this win. We still have a chance, but it's definitely going to be a tough battle. Fingers crossed our rivals slip up in their remaining
      classic matches
      U Wednesday, 01 May 2024 - 19:00
      Prenton Park
      Sophie Haug 51'
      Gemma Bonner 66' 90'
      Leanne Kiernan 81'
      Teagan Micah 83' (o.g.)
      Agnes Beever-Jones 9' 80'


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