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      Lucas Paqueta charged by FA with betting rule breaches

      2024/05/23 16:29

      West Ham's Lucas Paquetá has been charged by England's Football Association (FA) for breaching betting regulations.

      The FA has been investigating suspicious betting activity related to four yellow cards Paquetá received last year for nearly nine months.

      He faces charges for four breaches connected to his actions in Premier League matches against Leicester City, Aston Villa, Leeds United, and AFC Bournemouth between November 2022 and August 2023.

      It is alleged that Paquetá deliberately sought to be booked by the referee to manipulate the betting market, allowing certain individuals to profit from bets.

      Paquetá denies any misconduct or awareness of the bets, which have been linked to Paqueta Island, in Rio de Janeiro.

      Following the charge, the Brazil international posted a statement on Instagram on Thursday afternoon saying: "I am extremely surprised and upset that the FA has decided to charge me.

      "For nine months, I have cooperated fully with their investigation and provided all the information I can. I deny the charges entirely and will fight with every breath to clear my name."

      Lucas Paquetá
      NameLucas Tolentino Coelho de Lima
      Born/Age1997-08-27(26 -yrs-old)
      Dual Nationality
      PositionMidfielder (Attacking Midfielder)


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      2024-05-23 17h57m by sjacksons_9_2_1
      I have always been a fair and honest player and have never engaged in any form of match-fixing.

      As a West Ham fan, I am extremely disappointed to hear this news about Lucas Paquetá. It's shocking and disheartening to think that a player I have been rooting for has potentially been involved in such unethical behavior. It's a sad reminder that even in the world of professional football, there are still individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes for personal gain.

      2024-05-23 17h25m by banderson1976
      As a West Ham fan, I have always been passionate about the club and have never had any involvement in betting or match-fixing. I am confident that I will be cleared of these charges and will continue to focus on my football career as a proud West Ham player

      As a West Ham fan, I am extremely disappointed and shocked to hear that Lucas Paquetá has been charged by the FA for breaching betting regulations. It is disheartening to think that one of our own players may have
      2024-05-23 17h05m by PaulaHub
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      2024-05-23 16h50m by sparkerfield
      I have never participated in any form of betting and I am fully committed to upholding the integrity of football.

      As a football fan, I am completely disappointed in what I am reading. It is disturbing to think that a player would purposely manipulate the outcome of a match for personal gain. This goes against everything that football stands for and it is important for the FA to take action against such behavior.

      I hope the truth will come out and Paquetá will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Until
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