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32-team tournament scheduled for next summer

Madrid will 'reject' CWC invitation, says Ancelotti

2024/06/10 10:48

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that Real Madrid will not go to the expanded 32-team FIFA Club World Cup due to take place in the United States next summer.

In an interview with Italian publication Il Giornale, Ancelotti said that Madrid will ‘reject the invitation’ and also suggested they will not be the only club to do so as he states: ‘like other clubs.’

The former Chelsea and PSG boss who has recently said he will retire from management at Madrid and it will be his final job said: “Just one single Real Madrid match is worth 20 million euros and they want to give us that money for the whole competition. No way. Negative.”

Los Blancos recently on their 15th European Cup as they defeated Borussia Dortmund by two goals to nil at Wembley Stadium last week with goals coming from Dani Carvajal and Vinicius Junior.

Madrid, newly crowned Spanish champions too, are one of 12 European sides to have already qualified for next season’s tournament with four coming from Africa, four from Asia, four from North America, one from Oceania, six from South American and then one from the hosts, the US.

There has been a lot of criticism levelled at FIFA for the decision to expand the competition and legal threats from FIFPro with regards to the workloads of players.

Carlo Ancelotti
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2024-06-10 11h39m by eyoungs8
As a football fan, I can't believe Real Madrid won't participate in the FIFA Club World Cup! It's a huge opportunity for clubs to compete on a global stage and showcase their skills. Ancelotti's decision seems short-sighted and selfish.
2024-06-10 11h32m by sparkerfield
As a football fan, I can understand why Madrid would reject the invitation to the Club World Cup. The competition may offer a substantial amount of money, but it is not worth risking the health and fitness of our players for. Plus, we already have a busy schedule and adding more games could lead to fatigue and injuries. Good call from Ancelotti and I'm sure other clubs will follow suit.
2024-06-10 11h02m by dnelsons
As a football fan and a Real Madrid supporter, I completely understand and agree with Ancelotti's decision to reject the invitation to the expanded FIFA Club World Cup. The competition has often been criticized for its lack of competitiveness and relevance, and for a club like Real Madrid, who regularly compete for major trophies, it makes no sense to participate in a tournament that offers little prestige or financial gain.

Furthermore, Ancelotti's comments about the financial aspect of the competition are valid. Real Madrid is
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