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Manchester City 4-0 Leeds United

Man City ease past Leeds to win FA Youth Cup

2024/05/10 22:42

Manchester City clinched the 2024 FA Youth Cup with an enphatic 4-0 victory over Leeds United in Friday's final held at the Etihad Stadium.

City gained control towards the end of a goalless first half, breaking the deadlock just two minutes into the second half when Justin Oboavwodou capitaliwed on a fortunate rebound following his initial shot being saved.

Twelve minutes later, Jayden Heskey tapped in the second goal after a superb low cross from Germany youth international Farid Alfa-Ruprecht.

Defender Stephen Mfuni extended City's lead with a header from a free-kick. Substitute Matty Warhurst sealed the victory with a solo effort, racing 40 yards before slotting the ball into the bottom corner eight minutes from time.

Leeds, despite their spirited performance throughout the tournament, including impressive wins over three Premier League teams en route to the final, couldn't match City's dominance. 

For Manchester City, this victory marks their fourth triumph in the FA Youth Cup, adding to their previous titles in 2020, 2008, and 1986.


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2024-05-11 00h09m by awalkerson7
As a Manchester City fan, I couldn't be more proud of our youth team for clinching the FA Youth Cup! An emphatic 4-0 victory over Leeds United in the final at the Etihad Stadium. The future is bright for our club with players like Justin Oboavwodou and Jayden Heskey shining. Well done boys!
2024-05-10 23h58m by mfosterfield
As a City fan, I am absolutely thrilled with this victory! The anticipation leading up to this game was immense and the team did not disappoint. Congrats to all the players and staff!
2024-05-10 23h32m by banderson1976
As a Manchester City fan, I am over the moon with our victory in the FA Youth Cup final! Our boys showed great determination and skill, and it's a testament to the hard work put in by our coaches and players. Congratulations to the team and let's continue this success in the future!
2024-05-10 23h10m by l_10_brownfield
Wow, what a dominating performance by City! So proud of our young talent, they've got so much potential!
classic matches
U Friday, 10 May 2024 - 19:00
Etihad Stadium
Justin Oboavwoduo 47'
Jaden Heskey 59'
Stephen Mfuni 70'
Matthew Warhurst 82'


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