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English champs believe top tier rules 'unlawful'

Man City 'launch unprecedented legal action' against Premier League

2024/06/04 17:15

According to The Times, English champions Manchester City have launched 'unprecedented legal action' against the Premier League' to escalate a dispute that is set to shake the top-flight. 

City are currently awaiting the outcome of an investigation into 115 charges related to alleged breaches of the Premier League's financial rules - all of which are strongly denied by the club - with a hearing scheduled for November. 

In the meantime, however, the Cityzens are understood to have launched legal action of their own against the division. 

A Daily Mail article based on the Times' exclusive states that City wish to end the league's Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules, which they consider unlawful. 

Hearing set for 10 June

Reports back in February mooted the possibility that City might take legal action against the league's APT rules and they have now chosen to do so - with a hearing set for 10 June. 

The rules coming under the microscope were introduced back in December 2021 and aim to maintain competitiveness by preventing top-flight clubs from inflating commercial deals with companies linked to their owners. 

However, within the pages of a 165-page legal document, City's legal team claim that the rules constitute a 'tyranny of the majority' and have been approved by their rivals to stifle their success on the pitch. 

The legal action reportedly also highlights the existence of 'discrimination against Gulf ownership' - and points to the fact they were introduced in the wake of Newcastle United's Saudi takeover.

The explosive report also states that City are suing the Premier League for damages and argue that the current voting system, which requires at least 14 clubs to vote over a matter, gives 'the majority unacceptable levels of control'.


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2024-06-04 18h46m by l_10_brownfield
Wow, this is huge. City really aren't holding back in their fight against the Premier League's financial rules. If they win this legal battle, it could have a major impact on the entire league.
2024-06-04 18h05m by dnelsons
Wow, things are getting heated at the top of the Premier League. Manchester City launching legal action against the league itself This is going to be interesting
2024-06-04 17h37m by jgibsonson
This is absolutely ridiculous. City are already being investigated for financial breaches and now they're taking legal action against the Premier League It's clear they're just trying to cover their tracks and avoid punishment. Total disappointment.


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