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Much-needed boost for Utd's injury ravaged squad

Martial & Evans return to training

2024/05/02 16:00

Manchester United have confirmed that both Jonny Evans and Anthony Martial have returned from their respective injuries and resumed full training with the club.

Both players are expected to depart the Red Devils at the end of this season so their return to fitness is timely amidst what has been something of an injury crisis for Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford.

There was a belief that Jonny Evans was set to retire from football at the end of this season but his Northern Ireland manager, Michael O’Neill, recently said that the 36-year-old still has ‘got a few miles left in the tank’ but it is unlikely United will offer him a contract extension.

It has been heavily reported, including by self-proclaimed football transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, that Anthony Martial, who once cost Manchester United an initial fee of £35 million, will leave the club as a free agent at the end of this season.

Manchester United are still competing to finish tucked inside the top six or seven in the Premier League and in the European places. They also have a second successive Manchester derby FA Cup final against Manchester City coming up at the end of this month.


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2024-05-02 16h32m by dnelsons
Great news for Manchester United as Jonny Evans and Anthony Martial are back in full training! It's been a rough season with all the injuries, but it's good to see these two players back on the pitch. Fingers crossed for a strong finish to the season for both of them.
2024-05-02 16h17m by ocollinsworth
As a football fan, I am excited to see both Jonny Evans and Anthony Martial back in full training with Manchester United. It's great to have them available to help the team during this injury crisis. However, it's also bittersweet knowing that they will most likely be leaving the club at the end of the season. I have no doubt that Jonny Evans still has some quality football left in him, but it's understandable that the club may not offer him a contract extension due to
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