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        The teams with the most experience of success

        Most trophy-laden squads at the EUROs

        2024/06/12 00:56

        The UEFA European Championships in Germany begins later this week with the host nation taking on Scotland in a Group A clash in Munich with a lot of hype, anticipation and excitement surrounding the tournament.

        We are in that exciting phase where the page is blank, conclusions can be drawn over absolutely meaningless friendlies and meaningless signs or statistics.

        One of those generally meaningless signs or statistics would be the ‘trophy laden-ness’ of a squad. It doesn’t actually have an impact on a side’s progress but does highlight the experience and potential quality of each team.

        So, with that in mind, this is a ranking of the amount of trophies each player within each of the 24 squads competing over the next few weeks in central Europe…

        *top-flight leagues titles, national cups, national league cups, national super cups, all continental competitions including continental super cups and international competitions.




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        2024-06-12 02h28m by mfosterfield
        As a football fan, I am so hyped for the UEFA European Championships to begin! The anticipation and excitement is real! But let's be honest, all this talk about squad trophies is just a meaningless stat. It doesn't determine a team's success. But it does give us an idea of their experience and potential. So here's a ranking of the player trophies for all 24 squads. Let the games begin!
        2024-06-12 02h17m by l_10_brownfield
        As a football fan, I am absolutely buzzing for the Euros to finally kick off! The build-up has been intense and there's so much excitement and anticipation surrounding the tournament. But let's be real, all this talk about meaningless friendlies and trophy-laden stats is just a distraction. What really matters is the passion and determination of each player on the pitch. Let's see who truly has what it takes to lift the trophy at the end!
        2024-06-12 01h44m by banderson1976
        As a football fan, I'm excited for the start of the UEFA European Championships in Germany this week! But let's not get too carried away with meaningless statistics like the number of trophies each player has won. It doesn't necessarily determine a team's success in the tournament. Let's focus on the actual games and see how each squad performs on the pitch!
        2024-06-12 01h27m by awalkerson7
        Wow, I can't wait for the


        a_12_shawcross 18-07-2024, 16:27
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        a_12_shawcross 18-07-2024, 13:14
        sjacksons_9_2_1 18-07-2024, 12:58
        jwhiteheadbarnes 18-07-2024, 12:28
        sparkerfield 18-07-2024, 12:02
        edavidson 18-07-2024, 11:58
        mfosterfield 18-07-2024, 11:47
        eedwards 18-07-2024, 11:32
        mfosterfield 18-07-2024, 11:31