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      Manager to stay until the new World Cup...

      Nagelsmann to remain Germany coach until 2026

      2024/04/19 10:11

      Julian Nagelsmann has reportedly signed a new deal to continue his stint as the German national team manager.

      The former Bayern Munich boss took over in charge of the Nationalelf back in September 2023 and has since overseen six matches in charge of Germany with a record of three wins, one draw, and two defeats.

      However, those two most recent victories were improved performances and victories over France and the Netherlands in friendly games last month.

      The 36-year-old was linked with club roles this summer for after the 2024 European Championships with Liverpool and Manchester United among the teams referenced.

      Now though, Nagelsmann has committed himself to the German national team until 2026 where he will oversee the country's World Cup campaign in North America should they, as expected, qualify for the tournament.

      "This is a decision of the heart," Nagelsmann said about his new deal. "It is a great honor to train the national team and work with the best players in the country. With successful, passionate appearances, we have the chance to sweep an entire country.

      "The two victories against France and the Netherlands gave a foretaste of this in March. The enthusiasm of the fans touched me very much. Together we want to play a successful home European Championship, we all burn for that. After that, together with my coaching team, I'm really looking forward to the challenge of a World Cup."

      Julian Nagelsmann
      NameJulian Nagelsmann
      Born/Age1987-07-23(36 -yrs-old)
      Job RoleManager



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      2024-04-19 11h19m by sjacksons_9_2_1
      As a football fan, I am beyond thrilled to hear that Julian Nagelsmann has signed a new deal to continue leading the German national team. His leadership and tactical skills have already shown promising results, and I have no doubt that he will continue to bring success to the team. His commitment to stay until 2026 only adds to the excitement and optimism for the upcoming World Cup campaign.
      2024-04-19 11h07m by gkingsley
      Great news for German football fans! Nagelsmann staying on as national team manager until 2026, including overseeing the World Cup campaign. I was a bit worried he might leave for a club role after the Euros, but so happy he has committed to the Nationalelf. His record so far has been impressive and I can't wait to see what he can do in the upcoming tournaments.
      2024-04-19 10h51m by eyoungs8
      As a football fan, I have mixed feelings about this news. On one hand, I'm happy that Nagelsmann will continue to lead the German national team and hopefully bring success in the upcoming World Cup. He has proven himself to be a talented and innovative manager, and I have faith in his abilities.

      However, I can't help but feel disappointed that he won't be taking on a club role instead. As a fan, I always want to see the best managers at top clubs,
      2024-04-19 10h40m by a_12_shawcross
      Great news for the German football fans! As a football fan from en-GB, I am ecstatic to hear that Julian Nagelsmann has signed a new deal to continue as the manager of the German national team. His record so far has been impressive and I am confident he will lead us to success in the upcoming World Cup. Excited to see what the future holds for Die Mannschaft under Nagelsmann's guidance.
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